welcome to highcroft drive elementary s kindergarten orientation n.
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Welcome to Highcroft Drive Elementary’s Kindergarten Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Highcroft Drive Elementary’s Kindergarten Orientation

Welcome to Highcroft Drive Elementary’s Kindergarten Orientation

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Welcome to Highcroft Drive Elementary’s Kindergarten Orientation

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  1. Welcome to Highcroft Drive Elementary’s Kindergarten Orientation “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

  2. Philosophy of KindergartenWe are a community of learners • We meet children where they are and take them as far as possible • Child’s development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and academic • Character Traits: Responsibility, Respect, Courage, Kindness, Self-Discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, Good Judgement • Each child’s self-concept is important

  3. Staggered EntryAug. 26, 27, 28, 29 • Your child will attend just one day the first week of school • Teacher gets to know the children; allows for a more gradual adjustment to kindergarten • Initial assessments will be completed • Create heterogeneous classes

  4. What does staggered entry day look like? • Read a story • Play in quiet centers (puzzles, play dough, coloring, listening to books, etc.) • One-on-one assessments • Lunch • Quiet Time • Social assessments through play (housekeeping, blocks, cars, etc.) • Recess (gross motor and social assessments) • School Tour • Snack • Train how to go home

  5. What are the initial assessments? • Social Readiness • Follow Multi-step Directions • Letters and Sounds • Numbers and Counting • Shapes and Colors • Fine and Gross Motor Skills (pencil grip, scissor usage, throwing and catching, etc.) • Vocabulary

  6. Social Readiness Skills Being part of a group • Listens without interrupting • Follows directions the first time given • Carries out responsibilities • Follows the school rules • Shows respect for others and their work • Takes care of classroom materials • Cleans up after self • Displays good manners: polite words, waits turn, etc. • Self care: opening lunch containers to personal care in restroom

  7. A Day in Kindergarten • Arrival activities • Group time • Language Arts-Reading/Writing • Developmental Centers • Lunch • Math • Recess • Snack • Social Studies/Science • Specials: Art, P.E., P.E. II, Music, Enrichment , MediaM

  8. How Does Lunch Work? • Your child can pack or buy lunch (entire lunch or just milk) • Lunch price is $2.55 • Students have a student ID number • Lunches can be paid for online ( or a check can be sent with your child • Practice opening and closing containers at home • Lunch is 25 minutes

  9. Arrival and Dismissal • Children may enter the building at 8:45a.m. Latebell rings at 9:10a.m. Final bell rings at 9:15a.m. • School is dismissed at 3:45p.m. • Walkers enter and leave the building by the side doors. • Carpoolers enter and leave the building by the front doors. Carpool tags can be picked up in the office on “Meet the Teacher” day. • Before & After School Program is available through the YMCA

  10. Helpful Information • Be positive about school; children will follow your lead • Bring supplies on “Meet the Teacher” Day – August 22nd • Send children in clothes that they can manage (no zippers, etc.) • Each child needs a full-sized backpack (large enough for a folder) – no rolling bags please

  11. Write your child’s name on every personal item • Notify us of any afternoon transportation changes in writing • Child must be “fever-free” for 24 hours without medication before returning to school • Please send a note or email when your child is absent • Join the PTA, get involved, volunteer • Sign up for Ready4K texts at • Read, read, read to your child

  12. Dates to Remember • Thursday, Aug. 22nd-Come by and “Meet Your Teacher” from 3:30-5:30pm. Teacher assignment will be emailed to parents this day. • Staggered Entry-Aug. 26, 27, 28, 29. Your child will attend for ONE full day this week.

  13. Tuesday, September 3rd–First full day for all kindergartners • PTA Kindergarten Kick-Off breakfast for parents on Sept. 3rdat 9am in the cafeteria • Curriculum Night-will occur in September

  14. Questions and Answers • If you have questions about registration: contact Jeanette Acker at 460-3527. • If you have questions about the kindergarten program: • please contact the kindergarten grade chair: