tropical rainforest n.
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Tropical rainforest PowerPoint Presentation
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Tropical rainforest

Tropical rainforest

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Tropical rainforest

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  1. Tropical rainforest By: Malak Annan 6B

  2. Tropical rainforest Tropical rainforests are forests with tall trees, warm climate and lots of rain. The tropical rainforest supports the greatest variety of living organisms in earth. Pictures from google images

  3. The tropical rainforest is a home to all animals and plants. The tropical rainforest is located in Central America, South America, Congo, Madagascar, Australia and south east Asia. From google images

  4. Temperature in the rainforest The temperature in the rainforest rarely gets higher than 93 F (34 C). Picture from google images

  5. Toucan The toucan is the loudest animal in the rainforest. This helps scare off enemies and warn other toucans if there was danger. Fruits are the major foods for the toucan. The toucan eats by snipping the fruit off the tree with its beak, throwing it up in the air, and swallowing it. Toucans sleep in holes that are in the trees if they don’t fit in they turn their body into a feathery ball to fit in the hole. From google images

  6. Gorillas The gorilla’s hair protects the skin from biting insects and keeps them warm. The gorilla eats at least 97 plant species. About 67 % of their diet is fruit17 % is leaves, seeds and stems and 3% of the gorillas eat termites and caterpillars. On cold days gorillas stay close their sleeping areas or gather together to keep themselves warm. From google images

  7. Aye-Ayes Aye-ayes spend their lives in rain forest trees. Aye- Ayes sleep in the day and are awake at the night. Their big eyes help them see in the dark. Aye-ayes have long fingers to catch insects hidden in trees. From google images

  8. Alligators Alligators mostly live in swamps, marshes, canals, and lakes. Young alligators eat insects, shrimps, snails, small fish, tadpoles and frogs. Adult alligators eat fish, birds, turtles, reptiles, and mammals. From google images

  9. Jaguar Jaguars live near water and are great swimmers. The jaguar is a good climber.. Jaguars have strong teeth, which can be easy for them to catch big animals. From google images

  10. Bromeliads The Bromeliads leaves form a tank that holds the water. From google images

  11. Mangroves The mangroves live in the edge of the ocean. Mangroves have wide roots that support trees in the tidal mud. From google images

  12. Buttress Roots The buttress roots gives extra strength for the tree roots because the roots of the rainforest trees are not deep enough. From google images

  13. Nepenthes The Nepenthes plants nectar attracts insects. The insect is taken into hold of a liquid and prevents the insect from escaping. The insect is digested and provides nutrients to the plant. From google images

  14. Epiphytes Epiphytes are plants that live on the surface of other plants. They grow on trees to take value of the sunlight in the canopy. From google images

  15. How does the tropical rainforest affect the animals and plants? (abiotic factors) The abiotic factors of the rainforest biome is the amount of water, sunlight and weather. These things affect the trees and animals that live in the rainforest. These are very important because with the right amount of water and sunlight the trees in the rainforest would not be able to grow and would die. These factors also affect the types of animals and plants that live in the rainforest. From google images

  16. Human activities that affect the tropical rainforest Humans cut down trees in the rainforest and this affects the habitat of plants and animals. As humans we need wood to make furniture, cabinets, paper, desks and pencils for our living. But, I believe that we should reduce the cut of trees and find alternate sources that can replace wood and less harms the environment because we need trees to give us oxygen to breathe and without it we might die. I think humans should cut down less tress to save our environment. Humans kill animals in order to get food. I believe this is a bad thing because if they kill an animal they might ruin its specie and they will me endangered. From google images

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