march 27 2007 hill farms march 28 2007 ne region n.
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March 27, 2007 – Hill Farms March 28, 2007 – NE Region PowerPoint Presentation
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March 27, 2007 – Hill Farms March 28, 2007 – NE Region

March 27, 2007 – Hill Farms March 28, 2007 – NE Region

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March 27, 2007 – Hill Farms March 28, 2007 – NE Region

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  1. Wisconsin LCS Lane Closure Planning System LCS Oversight Group Meeting Steven Parker - TOPS Lab Michael Runnels - TOPS Lab Doug Dembowski - WisDOT STOC Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory University of Wisconsin - Madison March 27, 2007 – Hill Farms March 28, 2007 – NE Region

  2. Provide online planning system for lane closures and restrictions on state highways Provide closure and restriction data to other business processes such as 511 and OSOW Integrate historical traffic flow data and capacity information to calculate available closure thresholds Integrate with existing WisDOT GIS roadway network data Archive LCS data in the WisTransPortal at TOPS Lab Wisconsin LCS Objectives

  3. Wisconsin Lane Closure Planning Process Flowchart TMP PS&E Request Analysis LCS Approval Notification Start / Stop

  4. Wisconsin LCS Information Flow Traffic Count Data 511 Travel Info STOC IMS LCS Planning And Approval Process Closure Request Email List OSOW WisTransPortal Data Archive Construction Map

  5. Customize and merge capabilities from two existing LCS systems: CalTrans Lane Closure System: Online lane closure permitting system used statewide in California ODOT Permitted Lane Closure System: Ohio DOT online system for determining workzone windows based on historical ADT and other factors Change focus from Permitting to Planning Additional Enhancements: Special events tracking Managed email distribution lists Integration with WisDOT STN highway data Wisconsin LCS Project Plan

  6. Wisconsin LCS Project Timeline

  7. CalTrans LCS Login Page

  8. CalTrans LCS Request Closure Page

  9. CalTrans LCS Approve Closures Page

  10. Search Search for any request or closure in the system by various parameters Edit Allows authorized users to modify a request Status Allows authorized users to view the status of approved requests and/or update the working status of a closure Admin Allows authorized users to add users, post messages, update system elements (type of work, facilities), and manage policy roles CalTrans LCSOther Functions

  11. ODOT Permitted Lane ClosureAvailable Workzone Windows

  12. ODOT Permitted Lane ClosureAvailable Workzone Windows

  13. Closure / Restriction Types Construction Maintenance Permit Special Event Incident LCS User Roles Regional Traffic Supervisor (RTS) Regional Traffic Engineer (RTE) STOC Operator Project Manager (PM) Maintenance Coordinator (MC) Permit Coordinator (PC) Inspector Requestor Viewer Wisconsin LCS Requirements

  14. Wisconsin LCS RequirementsLane Closure Status Levels

  15. Wisconsin LCS RequirementsUser Role Flowcharts Construction Maintenance

  16. Special Events Add/Update/Delete special events by authorized users All users will be able to search for and view special events Examples: Brewer Games, Packer Games, Concerts Email Distribution Automated email listing all active Closures and Special Events Users can self-subscribe to distribution reports and customize by: State, Region, and County Weekly, Daily, or On Change Authorized users will have the ability to add/edit/delete subscriptions Location Elements Enter closure locations based on intersection or milepost Standardize locations to WisDOT GIS (STN) Enhanced Capabilities to Group Closure Details Enhancements to Search and Reporting Capabilities Wisconsin LCS Requirements Proposed Features

  17. Super thin-client system that can be run from almost any web browser using any internet connection Designed as a hierarchal system with users having different roles and privileges The main goals of Wisconsin LCS are: Create, Approve, and Track Lane Closures, Restrictions, and Special Events Provide accurate and current decision making data (capacity charts) Distribute closure reports to subscribed persons and systems (511, etc.) Accessibility to current closure information any time, anywhere Wisconsin LCS Summary

  18. Wisconsin Transportation Data Hub Safety and Operations Data Archiving Real-Time Agency Data Sharing Data Integration and Analysis Online Traffic Engineering Applications UW-Madison Transportation Research WisTransPortal Overview

  19. WisTransPortal Overview

  20. WisTransPortal V-SPOC Detector Data Facility

  21. TOPS: Steven T. Parker, PhD IT Program Manager Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory University of Wisconsin-Madison 1415 Engineering Drive Madison, WI 53706 Phone: 608-265-4921 Email: WisDOT: Doug Dembowski, PE Freeway Operations Statewide Traffic Operations Center Wisconsin Department of Transportation Suite 1200 633 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53203 Phone: 414-227-2149 E-mail: Wisconsin LCS Project Contact Information