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Web iep : child find PowerPoint Presentation
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Web iep : child find

Web iep : child find

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Web iep : child find

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  1. Web iep: child find Follow-up training By: Tonia Hoch

  2. Adding a student for child find • Enter student name, DOB, and click ‘search’ • Make sure you get the ‘Begin Child Find’ option. If not, contact IMS • Click the drop-down next to ‘District’ and ‘Building’ to update (it automatically selects the district/building you are on when you add student) • Click ‘Add student’ to add the student to the list Staff person that adds student will become the first electronic participant for disability suspected Archive record – this can be clicked to access

  3. Order for completing child find • 1) Disability Suspected Participants • 2) Disability Suspected Form • 3) Consent for FIE • 4) EDW – once a date consent for FIE was received is entered (cannot be a date in the future) • ***Make sure you are entering the correct date in consent received – the system will ask you to confirm*** • Then you can: • 5) Add to EER • 6) Create an IEP

  4. Complete disability suspected • 1) DISABILITY SUSPECTED FORM: • You must click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to all 3 questions at the bottom and ‘SAVE’, before filling in the top section • 2) DISABILITY SUSPECTED PARTICIPANTS: • AEA staff are the only ones listed as electronic participant, all others are non-electronic participants. • AEA staff must be added as an electronic participant in order to update CF tab info • If AEA staff member you are trying to add is not an option, contact IMS When those 2 sections are completed, then you have access to the consent for fie

  5. Next steps • 3) Complete Consent for FIE • 4) EDW – Top 3 dates need completed in order to access #5 & 6. Eligibility meeting date does not need completed in order to access EER or create an IEP. The eligibility meeting date can NOT be a date in the future – you’ll enter this after the eligibility meeting. • 5) EER • 6) Create IEP • **Teacher can access the student via ‘Student List’ once an IEP is created • **Student will be on teacher’s ‘My List’ once they are entered as a service provider on tab F.

  6. child find record closures: SYSTEM ONCE A DATE IS ENTERED FOR CONSENT RECEIVED ON THE EDW, THE SYSTEM WILL NO LONGER CLOSE THE RECORD AUTOMATICALLY • 30 days after student is added, but no disability suspected date is entered • 30 days from disability suspected date, but no consent given to parent date entered • 30 days from consent given to parents date, but no consent received date entered

  7. child find record closures • Student not eligible • Student moved out of state or location unknown • Parent withdrew evaluation permission • If any of these apply, the system will let you know that you need to click ‘End Child Find’ on CF tab, which will then close that record and create an archive. The student will remain on the student list for 7 days. **If a student moves within the state of Iowa during the child find process, contact Tonia Hoch so she can transfer the student**

  8. child find record was previously ended • If student had dropped off the list – add student back and choose ‘Begin Child Find’ option. Your screen may look like this: • When you go to CF tab, the archive is at the bottom (blue link), highlighted below

  9. child find record was previously ended • If adding because the student dropped from the list and you weren’t completed with the info: • You will need to re-add Disability Suspected (copy/paste from the archive) • Consent for FIE – sometimes when you have to re-add, then 2 consent for FIEs will show on the forms tab. If this happens, contact Tonia Hoch to remove the duplicate • ***Make sure when re-adding the record back, that you get a date entered on EDW for consent received, otherwise the student will drop from the list that night again.***

  10. Consent for services • Available ONLY on the print menu • If you need a blank consent for services, you have to go to an Initial IEP, then go to print menu

  11. Student Not Eligible • If a student is not going to go to an IEP but you need a PWN to document this, you would need to create an IEP and add PWN. Make sure to print what you need to send, then mark on EDW not eligible and click the ‘End Child Find’ button on the CF tab.

  12. Ims contacts • Tonia Hoch – East Region & Storm Lake • • Brenda Prentice – North & West Region (minus Storm Lake) • • Shannon Hagen – South & Fort Dodge Region •