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  2. Goal: • Explain the Copy Exactly! (CE!) methodology for Intel suppliers to align themselves to support the goals and objectives associated with the Virtual Factory. • Objective: • Define what is Copy Exactly! (CE!) • Explain the scope of CE! • Employ best known method’s (BKM’s) to get to CE! • Explain and describe the impact of not copying exactly

  3. VF CE! • CE! - Copy Exactly! • A process…not an end result…that facilitates quick deployment of product or system to completion. • A historical process driven by start-up TD-to-Fab experience. • A set of organizational tools proven to produce results. • An ongoing Management challenge.

  4. Hilosophy… Why CE! • Identical inputs to identical equipment will produce identical results • Physics Works! • Non-identical input and equipment are unlikely to product identical results • Even if we achieve matching on gross measurements. • Small differences can cause BIG problems later on. • We don’t know what we don’t know. • By copying inputs/equipment exactly from existing to new factories, we are guaranteed identical output. • We knowingly surrender upside (“innovation”) to avoid downside. • History shows downside,not upside, results from deviation. • We are not technically smart enough to make changes during transfer without unplanned negative consequences.

  5. Copy Exactly! : History History of four major (Fab) process transfers spanning over 10 years shows that CE! works (and non-CE! doesn’t!)

  6. Learning From Past Process Ramps • The wrong “Engineering Judgment” when deviating from the development process during process transfer will collapse die yield and output and impact competitiveness. • Seemingly unimportant differences in equipment inputs can result in yield, reliability and/or performance differences. • Process technologies are so complex that traditional “Engineering Judgement” is not sufficient to prevent problems.

  7. The Copy Exactly! System Copy Exactly! Scope • Copy Exactly! includes everything… • Facilities and Tool Install • Equipment • Process flow • Metrology and Materials • Automation • Except… • Org/ops structure • WSPW • Office Layouts

  8. Product: -Yield -Reliability Module: -CD’s -SEM -Visual -Electrical Equipment/Process: -Etch/Dep Rates -Thicknesses -Particles -Film Comp Physical Inputs: -Recipes -Chemicals -Clean room -Facilities -Gases -Equipment The Copy Exactly! System Copy Exactly! Matching • Matching at all levels • Same physical inputs • Statistically matched responses (outputs) • Keeping matched • Coordinated changes • Audits • Process control system • Joint Fab mgmt structure

  9. Copy Exactly! ResultsDie Yield Comparison - With/Without CE! With Copy Exactly! Intel 0.5 m m; P852 Log (Die Yield) Without Copy Exactly! Intel 1mm; P648 0 50 20 10 30 40 60 # of Months

  10. Copy Exactly! -- An Ongoing Management Challenge Innovation and Copy Exactly! “Reasons we Can’t Do It”

  11. Management Challenge Reasons We Can’t CE! Whenever CE! is tried with a new population, we hear: • “We don’t need to copy this because we understand the impact of deviations.” (or...”because this is obviously trivial.”) • “We can’t copy this because it will require too much money/time/effort.” • “We agreed to not copy this item by mutual agreement.” • “We shouldn’t copy because it reduces innovation.” • “We shouldn’t copy because we have a much better idea here.” • “We are used to bringing our product up from scratch”

  12. Management Challenge - Reasons We Can’t CE! Experience has shown that: • These issues can all be overcome. • We are not smart enough to pick and choose what to copy without making mistakes. • Constant Management vigilance is required to overcome these objections and ensure CE!

  13. Copy Exactly! : Tools As CE! evolved, we have developed a set of tools to drive the process and ensure results.

  14. Innovation and Copy Exactly! • Copy Exactly! is meant to control, not stifle, change. • Copy Exactly! means change must happen for the process as a whole, not the individual or group or system. • A well-defined process exists for change: • Originator proposed change to working group. • WG decides whether to proceed, based on VF or system requirements. • Originator prepares White Paper. • White Paper is approved by XCCB system. • Change is expected to happen in all plants and group simultaneously.

  15. Innovation and Copy Exactly! -- Issues • The system has many steps and requires negotiation skills by the originator. • The system can seem overwhelming, discouraging innovation or encouraging undercover changes. • While issues directly impacting factory indicators get addressed quickly, other types of issues may be deprioritized. • Rapid yield improvement in CE! virtual factories proves the system can and does work, but it may need adjustment from time to time.

  16. Summary • Copy Exactly! : • Higher yields • Product to market faster • Larger profits for Intel • Higher returns to shareholders!!!