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21 April 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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21 April 2015

21 April 2015

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21 April 2015

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  1. Briefing the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs: Strategies to use Banks for Smart ID Card applications 21 April 2015 1

  2. Table of Contents Introduction Project Scope Project Objectives Project Process Current Status Project Governance Project Workstream Full rollout planning Critical success factors 2

  3. Introduction 38 million green ID books to be replaced Increased service access points for Smart ID Card applications Including Passport applications Extensive engagements with SABRIC FNB and Standard Bank responsive post SABRIC meetings MoU documents signed with FNB and Standard Bank Pilot period effective from February 2015 – July 2015 Benefits include: Accelerated rollout of Smart ID Card in a cost efficient manner Wider service access points for citizens Convenience for clients 3

  4. Project Scope Citizens who are banking clients to respective banks SAPO customers particular in rural areas due to large footprint they have in the country eChannel (apply online) and collect their Smart ID Cards and Passport The project will kick-off with four (4) pilot sites in banking branches. This may increase as more banking institutions come on board. 5

  5. Objectives Create a greater access to Smart ID Cards Leverage through Public Private Partnership (PPP) by utilising available office space in banks and SAPO Reduce queues in Home Affairs offices by diverting some of the clients to these sites Reduce timeline of replacement of green barcoded identity books, eliminating the dual means of identification in shortest possible time 6

  6. Project Process Pilot FNB and Standard Bank – 1 site each (May go-live) Smart ID card and Passport applications eChannel Online application Online payment Fingerprints and photo on site Collection on site 2 additional sites are per bank Pilot evaluation Full rollout planning in process Full rollout execution Nedbank and ABSA pilot to be initiated MoU documents being finalised 4

  7. Current Status MoUs signed with Standard Bank and FNB Pilot sites at banks ready Booths installed eChannel at advanced stage of development National Treasury engaged on payment model options and Department finalising its preferred option Risk analysis conducted and further expert advice being sort 12

  8. Project Governance 7

  9. Project Workstreams 8

  10. Project Process 9

  11. Full Rollout Planning Full rollout strategy under development Online application and payment platform to be tested internally first Site selection to be finalised based on required footprint Sustainable connectivity solution being investigated Concept testing under way Live Capture rollout team Possible improvements being investigated Revenue collection model to be finalised 10

  12. Critical Success Factors Budget allocation for FY 2015 / 2016 Determines number of sites to be rolled out Human resources to be deployed at banks Secure network connectivity Secure data & card storage 11

  13. END 13