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Queen Isabella

Queen Isabella

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Queen Isabella

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  1. Queen Isabella Blakelee Miles

  2. My Name and Country • Queen Isabella • Spain • Queen Isabella lived in Spain, she was the ruler of Castile and Aragon with her husband King Ferdinand. King Ferdinand was Queen Isabella’s 2nd cousin.

  3. The New World • Queen Isabella did not sail the new world, however she payed for Christopher Columbus’ voyage from Spain.The reasoning for this is she believed it would bring great wealth to Spain and that he would spread their religion.

  4. The Traveler’s New World • Though she did not travel to the new world Queen Isabella had the lands Christopher discovered given over to Castile. She loved her people and gave great interest in her country. The people of her land loved and worshipped their king and queen.

  5. Good or Evil? • Queen Isabella was a nice and pleasant person. • She was loving and giving. • My reasoning for this is from how her people described her.

  6. Queen Isabella Biography • Isabella's half-brother, Henry IV, became king of Castile when their father, John II, died in 1454. Isabella was only three years old, and her younger brother Alfonso was the expected heir. Isabella was raised by her mother, Isabella of Portugal, until 1457, when the two children were brought to court by Henry IV to keep them from being used by opposition nobles. • Henry's first marriage ended without children and in a divorce. When his second wife bore a daughter, Juana, in 1462, soon the opposition nobles claimed that Juana was actually the daughter of Beltran de la Cueva, duke of Albuquerque. Thus, she's known in history as Juana la Beltraneja. • The opposition's attempt to replace Henry with Alfonso met with defeat, the final defeat coming in July, 1468 when Alfonso died of poison. Isabella was offered the crown by the nobles, but she refused, and Henry was willing to compromise with the nobles and accept Isabella as his heiress in September.

  7. Hero or Villian? • I’d say that Queen Isabella was a very well mannered hero. She loved to help and that’s what heros do isn’t? So I’d for sure say she’s not a villian , she’s a hero.

  8. Art and Education • Isabella was also a patron of scholars and artists, establishing educational institutions and building a large collection of art works. She learned Latin as an adult, was widely read, and educated not only her sons but her daughters. One of these daughters, Catherine of Aragon, is known in history as the first wife of Henry VIII of England and mother of Mary I of England.

  9. Bibliography • “Queen Isabella 1”