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Technical Orientation

Technical Orientation. Summer 2011. Technical Orientation. Session starts at 11:00 am We’ll be online shortly Speaker test starts about 10:45 To ask questions, use the chat window. Closed Captioning. This session will be closed captioned.

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Technical Orientation

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  1. Technical Orientation Summer 2011

  2. Technical Orientation • Session starts at 11:00 am • We’ll be online shortly • Speaker test starts about 10:45 • To ask questions, • use the chat window

  3. Closed Captioning This session will be closed captioned. Click on the CC in the toolbar to open the Closed Captioning window. CC only works from the time you enter forward; it does not ‘go back’ to dialog you may have missed/

  4. Welcome and Introduction • Mary Jane Heider • Director, Academic Computing • mjheider@genesee.edu • Judie Littlejohn • Advisor, Distance Learning • jmlittlejohn@genesee.edu

  5. When in Doubt • Contact your instructor • Contact Mary Jane • mjheider@genesee.edu • Contact the Help Desk • helpdesk@genesee.edu • 1-866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7)

  6. Where to start • Three bookmarks • www.genesee.edu • Genesis.genesee.edu • www.outlook.com

  7. Taking An Online Class • Get the textbook • “Go to” class faithfully; log in regularly • Your instructor can see when you log in • Read the syllabus; note important dates • Tests, homework, reading assignments • Be prepared for a lot of work on your own • Expect to spend 10-20 hours per week on a single class

  8. Turning in Assignments

  9. Turning in Assignments • Start with the syllabus and/or do not hesitate to ask your instructor! • Most likely one of the following: • Blackboard Assignment • Blackboard Email • Blackboard Discussion • Publisher Web Site • Genesee Email • USPS mail • Fax

  10. Three Accounts • Genesis Account • Outlook.com email account • Network account • Same username for all 3; may not be the same password • Publisher web site may be a 4th

  11. Genesee Email • Check your Genesee email regularly • Many instructors will only take messages from Genesee email • Only use your personal email (Yahoo, gmail, roadrunner) in an extreme emergency • The Help Desk is open 24x7 to help you log into your Genesee email • Identify yourself: “Mat 129 student” • Put your name in your email • Explain fully; too much is better than not enough • Be patient in expecting an answer

  12. Genesee Email Your Email username is the same as your Genesis username The email address takes the form: username@my.genesee.edu

  13. Network account • On Campus • To log into any computer • At a distance • To access the library online databases

  14. My Courses Log in through Genesis

  15. Genesis Tabs My Genesis – access to “Banner Self Service” My Courses – access to course materials

  16. My Courses Tab Information and links to courses

  17. Getting to My Courses • Technical Issues • ALWAYS say “Run” to the 1st Java • Say “No” to the 2nd Java (shown below; you may not get this) • A white screen means you have Norton Internet Security on your computer; turn it off

  18. My Courses • Known as “Blackboard” or “My Courses” or “WebCT” interchangeably • Poke through all the links • When in doubt go to the Course Content or “home” page

  19. Blackboard Menu • Look for your syllabus first • Home page or in a Learning Module • The ‘green snowflakes’ means there is new material

  20. Email

  21. Email – The Critical Step!

  22. Email Select “All section instructors” OR search through the list Click SAVE

  23. Email • Put in an subject that is descriptive • “Request for information on assignment 1” • “Question about quiz 2” • “Problems with references on research paper” • Explain your question/request fully • Sign your message with your name (yes, it’s on the message, it’s just polite!) • Be patient in getting an answer back

  24. BB- Assignments • The Assignment tool may be how you submit homework/papers • Watch for file format requirements • “RTF” – in your word processing software, click on File > Save As and look for “Rich Text Format” as an option

  25. Assignment Tool Watch the date and time you are given All times are local (Eastern Standard) READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

  26. Assignment Tool • Do you type in the text box or upload an attachment? • If you cannot upload an attachment, you missed the “Run” Java command. Log out of Blackboard (don’t just close, LOG OUT) and then come back into your course; watch for the “Run” option.

  27. Discussions Discussions are where you interact with other members of the class Play nice!

  28. Discussions Read, reply, comment Play nice!

  29. Learning Module • There can be lots of material here • Read it ALL! Do not assume they are all the same • There is usually critical course material found here

  30. Assessments • This means Quiz and Test • Watch the dates and times available • No link means it’s not available • “View All Submissions” to look at old copies of your quiz

  31. Assessments Can be timed/untimed, one time only/multiple attempts All have deadlines

  32. Assessments Be sure to “Save Answer” for each question as you go along or “Save All” at the end

  33. What next? If you don’t have the textbook, get it NOW! Look for the syllabus Make sure you can log into: Genesis, Outlook.com email and network If you need a publisher access code, get that now Ask questions

  34. Technical Problems • They will happen! Look for info… • Read the blog: maryjane47.wordpress.com • Help desk online: hd.genesee.edu • “Like” us on Facebook: • www.facebook.com/GeneseeCommunityCollege • Follow us on Twitter: • Sunygcc (general info) • Call the college and listen to the message • 1-585-343-0055 (mostly weather related)

  35. HELP! • Contact your instructor • Contact Mary Jane • mjheider@genesee.edu • Contact Judie • jmlittlejohn@genesee.edu • Contact the Help Desk • helpdesk@genesee.edu • 1-866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7)

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