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  2. The Academic Year that Was(2013-2014) Implementation of Recommendations of Strategic Task Force Plan

  3. Challenges Identified by Task Force The department has outstanding institutions and faculty, but the “whole is less than the sum of its parts” There is a lack of a cohesive vision as a department There is evidence of decline in the quality and competiveness of the GME education programs There is a lack of a research strategy that synergizes across divisions There is no departmental clinical strategy that facilitates the efforts to address healthcare reform

  4. Recommendation to Reorganize Structure to Improve Function

  5. Steven B. Abramson, MD Chair, Department of Medicine Glenn I. Fishman, MD Vice Chair, Research Division Chiefs David Stern, MD Vice Chair, Education/Faculty Affairs Mark B. Pochapin, MD Vice Chair, Clinical Katherine Wesnousky Administrator/Chief of Staff Doug Bails, MD Chief of Medicine, Bellevue Patrick M. Cocks, MD Associate Chair, GME Glenn I. Fishman, MD Dir., Cardiology Joel D. Ernst, MD, Int Dir., I.D. & Immunology Ira Goldberg, MD Dir., Endocrinology DavdM. Oshinsky, MD Dir., Med. Humanities David T. Stern, MD Chief of Medicine, VA Michael LoCurcio, MD Associate Chair, UME Mark B. Pochapin, MD Gastroenterology Edward Y. Skolnik, MD Dir., Nephrology Fritz Francois, MD Chief of Medicine, Tisch TBD Associate Chair, CME Sondra R. Zabar, MD Interim, Dir., GIM William N. Rom, MD Dir., Pulmonary Michael H. Perskin, MD Associate Chair Ambulatory Martin Kahn, MD Associate Chair, Academic Affairs Caroline S. Blaum, MD Dir., Geriatrics Jill Buyon, MD Dir., Rheumatology Katherine Hochman, MD Associate Chair, Quality TBD Associate Chair, Mentoring Howard A. Fine, MD Dir., Hem./Medical Onc. Bruce N. Cronstein, MD Dir., Translational Med.

  6. Recommendation: Promote One Clinical Faculty • Begin with fundamental respect for colleagues across institutions and practices • Strategic growth of Academic Divisions • Targeted world-class programs in specialized areas • Responding to the external threats • Share best practices across teaching hospitals

  7. One Faculty: Tri-institutional Council

  8. New Division Directors Dr. Jill Buyon Rheumatology Dr. Ira Goldberg Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

  9. New Associate Directors (Divisions Clinical) Dr. Steven Hodak Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Dr. Michael Philips Infectious Diseases and Immunology

  10. New Associate Directors MedicineQuality First Dr. Laura Evans Bellevue Dr. Katherine Hochman Tisch Hospital

  11. Department of Medicine Administrative Leadership

  12. Thank You… Dr. Ann Danoff Contributions as Director, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Dr. Iven Young Contributions as Firm Chief

  13. Medical Education

  14. Trends in Specialty Matching PGY-1 Students Matched to Internal Medicine 2004-2013

  15. Medical Student Education Michael LoCurcio Acting Internship Associate Chair, Education Michael Tanner Ambulatory Care Norma Keller Critical Care Anthony Grieco Core Clerkship Pamela Rosenthal CFM


  17. 2013-2014 Residency Program Directors Patrick Cocks Program Director Louis Miller Senior Associate Program Director Assessment and Evaluation

  18. Associate Program Directors Restructuring Jennifer Rockfeld Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Barbara Porter Outpatient Experience Mary Fishman FGP Outpatient Experience Neil Shapiro Inpatient Experience Amit Uppal Critical Care Experience Margaret Horlick Curriculum

  19. Directors: Primary Care Residency Program Sondra Zabar Mack Lipkin Kathleen Hanley Jennifer Adams Richard Greene

  20. 2013-2014 Chief Residents Pavan Bhatraju Inpatient Brian Greet VA Outpatient Matthew Ingham VA: QI & Safety Rani Nandiwada Inpatient Brandon Oberweis Senior Chief Laura Van Metre Primary Care Alexander Volodarskiy Inpatient Matthew Vorsanger Inpatient Pascale White BH Outpatient

  21. 2014 -2015 Chief Residents Josh Denson Inpatient Mark Adelman Inpatient Karen Kan Inpatient Andrew Levy Senior Chief Jack Naggar BH Outpatient Jessica Taft Primary Care Greg Schrank Inpatient Sarah MacArthur VA: QI & Safety Robert Mocharla VA Outpatient

  22. Research

  23. Goals: ResearchGetting Divisions to the Top Ten • Valorize the Division Directors to develop strategic vision for translational research • Recruit four Division Directors, national leaders with clinical vision and translational research bona fides • Promote collaborative grants (RFP PPG) • Develop integrated clinical practice space that promotes clinical research (e.g., CMC, Cancer Center) • Nurture and support junior investigators (Saperstein, Colton, Farber, Fast-tracking, PSTP, Hirschl, other)

  24. CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE PROGRAMS Center for Musculoskeletal Care Existing Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Care (Dr. Steven Hodak) Center for Cardiovascular Care In progress Cancer Center Institute Existing Recruitment of additional disease-based clinicians & clinician-investigators (6-8) Integrated with NYULMC Clinical Research Unit/Health Outcomes & Population Science/CTSI/CHIBI (6-8) Immunity & Inflammation Auto-Immunity Inflammatory Bowel Disease Infectious Diseases/Microbiome Asthma Metabolomics Diabetes Obesity Metabolic Disorders Cardiovascular Disease Vascular Disease Structural Heart Disease Arrhythmias Heart Failure Precision Medicine Genetic Basis of Disease Targeted Therapeutics THE NAMED CENTER FOR MOLECULAR MEDICINE Rheum, ID, GI Expansion Endocrine Division Director CV, Renal Expansion Precision Medicine Program Director Associate Prof (4-6) Associate Prof Associate Profs (2) Associate Prof Assistant Profs (4-6) Assistant Profs (2) Assistant Profs (4) Assistant Prof (2) Berger, Buyon, Chen, Cho, Cronstein, Delmar, Ernst, Fisher, Fishman, Gardner, Maass, Moore, Mor, Morley, Philips J, Philips M, Ramasamy, Reibman, Schmidt, Shopsin, Silverman, Skolnik Integrated with I-CUBED / PATHOLOGY / CELL BIOLOGY / CANCER CENTER / NEUROSCIENCE

  25. Katy Wesnousky Department Administrator Glenn Fishman Vice Chair Research Yelena Sionova Director, Research Administration Phil Himmelstein Finance Manager Clinical Trials Coordinators Grants Manager – Translational/DGIM GrantsManager-Pulmonary GrantsManager-Rheumatology Grants Manager-Cardiology Grants Manager-Endocrinology Grants Manager-Infectious Disease Grants Manager-Geriatrics/GI/ Medical Humanities Financial Analyst Endo/Nephrology/ Translational/ DGIM Financial Analyst Pulmonary/Infectious Disease/Gastroenterology Financial Analyst Geriatrics/Humanities/ Rheumatology Financial Analyst Cardiology

  26. Department of Medicine Creating a Pathway for Success for Young Investigators Timeline 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Clinical Fellowship Training Intensive Research Training (Asst in Service or Instructor) Assistant Professor (CIE or ICE) NIH K Awards NIH R awards T32 training grants KL2 grants Foundations Philanthropy Physician-Scientist Training Program (SoM) Physician-Scientist Development Program (DoM) Weissmann Scholars (within 6 yrs) PSDP Program Details (work in progress) 80% Protected Research Time Salary Support: Shared by Department, Division and other Sources Modest Project Support Nominations by Division Directors and Program Directors Selection Committtee of Physician-Investigators Anticipate ~ 3/year (Funded by Coltons, Sapersteins, new philanthropy)

  27. Research Day & Awards Dinner Presentation Title Goes Here

  28. Medicine@NYULMC Co-editors: Editorial Board: Steven Abramson, MDDoug Bails, MDLucy BruellBruce Cronstein, MDLaura Evans, MDCarl GlennLisa GreinerAnthony Grieco, MDKathy Hochman, MDJonathan LaPook, MDMichael LoCurcio, MDDonna MarinoMark Pochapin, MDHarmony Reynolds, MDNeil Shapiro, MDAlex Sherman, MDKaty WesnouskyJessica Wilson David Oshinsky, PhD Stacy Bodziak

  29. Medicine@NYULMC Spotlight Videos Presentation Title Goes Here

  30. Donna Marino

  31. Department of MedicinePhilanthropy FY’14 YTD (Thru June 16th)

  32. Promotions

  33. First Annual Appointments & Promotions Reception Presentation Title Goes Here

  34. Appointments and Promotions • Division of CardiologySripal Bangalore, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine 
Howard Weintraub, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine • Division of GastroenterologyFritz Francois, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine Jonathan D. LaPook, MD, Mebane Professor of ` Gastroenterology and Professor of Population Health • Division of General Internal Medicine 
Douglas B. Bails, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Michael LoCurcio, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine 
Marc M. Triola, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine

  35. Appointments and Promotions • Division of Hematology & OncologyLawrence P. Leichman, MD, Professor of Medicine 
Yelena Novik, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine 
Ruth Oratz, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine • Division of Infectious Diseases
Melanie Maslow, MD, Professor of Medicine • Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care
Laura E. Evans, MD, Associate Professor 
David L. Kamelhar, MD, Clinical Professor • Division of Rheumatology
Brian D. Golden, MD, Clinical Associate Professor Sara B. Kramer, MD, Clinical Associate Professor Paula Rackoff MD, , Clinical Associate Professor

  36. Major Awards and Appointments Laura Evans, MD, was named Bellevue's "Physician of the Year" at the annual New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) Doctors’ Day Celebration. Martin J. Blaser, MD, was honored as the 2014 recipient of the NIH Clinical Center's Distinguished Clinical Research Scholar and Educator in Residence. David S. Goldfarb, MD, received the 2014 Distinguished Teacher Award in the Basic Sciences at NYU School of Medicine. William N. Rom, MD, received the 2014 Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Thoracic Society Harmony Reynolds, MD, named Saul j. Farber Assistant Professor Edward A. Fisher, MD, delivered the George Lyman Duff Memorial Lecture at the last annual scientific sessions conference of the American Heart Association Presentation Title Goes Here

  37. Major Awards and Appointments Norman B. Javitt, MD, PhD received the American Physiological Society’s History of Physiology Group 2014 Recognition Award Bruce N. Cronstein, MD, received the 2013 Arthritis Foundation Lee C. Howley Sr. Prize for Research in Arthritis. Barry Rosenzweig, MD, has been appointed Assistant Dean for GME. Neil Shapiro MDClinical Correlations published an article celebrating our 1000th article publishedand won a Silver Award from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors Rochelle (and Kurt) Hirschhorn MD awardedthe 2013 Victor A. McKusick Leadership Award by American Society of Human Genetics Presentation Title Goes Here

  38. Department of Medicine Goals for 2014-2015

  39. Clinical • Continue to promote One Faculty across institutions and practices • Clinical Tri-institutional leadership group • Improve communication with Monthly Newsletter: Medicine@NYULMC • Develop New Centers for Clinical and Translational Research • Diabetes and Endocrine • Autoimmunity • Liver Disease, IBD, Advanced endoscopy • Pulmonary Hypertension • Asthma, Lung cancer • LVAD/CHF, Arrhythmia, Interventional Cardiology • Promote Strength, Growth and Reputation of Clinical Practices

  40. Research • Leadership Role of Division Directors: (Recruitment, NIH grants, faculty development, mentoring, etc) • Implement a strategic translational research plan that enables collective success of divisions • Committee on Research Collaboration • RFP ($25K X 4) • Promote inter-divisional/departmental collaboration • Develop collaborative NIH submissions of grants >$350K (RO1, PPG/Center, Co-PD/PI) • Promote joint recruits with basic science departments (Cell Bio, Pathology, Genetics, Pop Health) • Promote collaborative opportunities for young scientists

  41. Education and Academic Affairs • Focus on faculty leadership development • Increase mentoring of faculty (Mentoring “champion”, programs) • G21: Re-engineer GME programs • Implementation of CLER/NAS (B. Rosenzweig, Lou Miller) • Compliance with RRC (ICU, ambulatory) • Develop tracks for PC/IM, Research, Hospitalists, Specialists • Technological innovation (iPads, handheld ultrasound, education data warehouse) • Develop innovative models for GME financing for ambulatory training • Develop competency based pathways to “graduation” of residents and fellows

  42. Next Steps “In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement like hell."
― Jack Welch Chair and CEO General Electric

  43. In real life… Our successes flow from the talent and commitment of our physicians, scientists and staff. Thank you all for your many contributions to the missions of this great department!