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Design Tools and Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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Design Tools and Resources

Design Tools and Resources

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Design Tools and Resources

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  1. Design Tools and Resources Eng R. L. Nkumbwa

  2. Design Tools • Today, the Engineer has a great variety of tools and resources available to assist in the solution of design problems. • Ever falling costs of microcomputers and software packages provide tools of immense capability for the design, analysis and simulation of various engineering and technological system. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  3. Design Resources • The Engineer always needs technical information, either in form of basic science/engineering behavior or systems. • The resources can range from text books to manufactures broachers or catalogs; however, the computer plays a major role in gathering all information. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  4. Design Computational Tools • Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) software allows the development of three dimensional (3D) designs from which conventional 2D orthographical views with automatic dimensions can be produced. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  5. Design Computational Tools • Manufacturing tool paths can be generated from the 3D models and in some cases parts can be created directly from a 3D database by using a rapid prototyping and manufacturing methods. • Also called paperless manufacturing. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  6. Design Software Packages • Aries • AutoCAD • CadKey • iDeas / Unigraphics • Solid Works • Inventor • Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) • ProEngineer, to name a few. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  7. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) • This is a program for analysis of stress and deflection, vibrations and heat transfer. • Examples include: • Algor • ANSYS • MSC/NASTRAN Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  8. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) This is a program for fluid flow analysis and simulation. • Examples include : • CFD++ • FIDAP • Fluent Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  9. Simulation of Dynamic Force and Motion These are programs for force analysis and design Examples include: • ADAMS • DADS • Working Model Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  10. Examples of Non–Engineering • Quattro–Pro • Microsoft Office Package Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  11. Acquiring Technical Information • We are currently living in what is referred to as the Information Age. • It is difficult, but extremely important to keep abreast of past and current developments in ones field of study and occupation. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  12. Acquiring Technical Information • Libraries (Community, University and Private): • Engineering dictionaries and encyclopedias, textbooks, monographs, handbooks, indexing and abstract services, journals, translations, technical reports, patents and business broachers and catalogues Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  13. Acquiring Technical Information • Government Sources: • Department of Defense, Commerce, Energy, Transportation; NASA; Government Printing Office; Patent and Trademark Office; and Standards Offices Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  14. Acquiring Technical Information • Professional Societies: • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SAE), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), American Welding Society (AWS), Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  15. Acquiring Technical Information • Commercial Vendors: • Catalogs, Technical literature, Test data, Samples and Cost information. • Internet: • Computer network gateway to websites associated to most categories above. Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University

  16. Wrap-Up • How is it - so far? • Are you man ageing…. • Well… • What's your feedback? Then… Eng Nkumbwa R.L.@Copperbelt University