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How to Avoid Running Injuries PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Avoid Running Injuries

How to Avoid Running Injuries

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How to Avoid Running Injuries

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  1. (805) 527-9600 Avoiding Running Injuries When training for a big race, it is easy to overtrain. Running injuries are common. The physical actions of running involve a lot of impact on the joints, making inflammation of cartilages and tendons pretty common, as well as a wide range of other injuries. Luckily, there are some precautions to take as you begin to run faster or for longer distances. If you’re already injured, keep these in mind while you rest and pick up some medical supplies from the Home Care Pharmacy.

  2. (805) 527-9600 1. Support Your Knee Joints Knee pain is fairly common for anyone running. Whether you sprint 100 meters or go for an ultra-marathon, the knee joints take a beating. Cross training is one way to develop the muscles around the knees and decrease the impact the cartilage takes during each step. Avoid training too hard too fast. Slowly increasing distances at a very gradual rate will give the body time to grow and repair. If the damage has already been done, a knee brace and anti-inflammatories can help.

  3. (805) 527-9600 2. Stretch to Prevent Shin Splints Shin splints are also extremely common. The pushing and pulling rhythm of running puts plenty of strain on the small shin muscles. Taking care of these can prevent eventual issues that stop you from running. Proper stretching and exercise for the calves and shins will balance out the strain from the push and pull. Compression gear can also help remove some strain and keep the muscle close to the bone.

  4. (805) 527-9600 3. Outsmart Your Sweat Blisters or chafing are probably most common because the skin abrasion happens when the body moves quickly and the skin is moist. Running makes people sweaty. It’s exercise. It’s as simple as that. Using sweat-wicking clothing and applying adhesives to the areas can prevent blisters or stop them from getting worse. Alternately, using a body glide on problem areas can prevent the friction from harming the skin.

  5. (805) 527-9600 4. Invest In Your Shoes Shoes are of vital importance to running. Everything starts from the foot and radiates up. If the foam you stand on doesn’t properly cushion or wrap around the foot, pain will take over at every joint. Getting professional footwear will prevent most issues. We are not a runner’s equipment store, but you can put together a proper runner’s first aid kit at our pharmacy in Simi Valley – read about our medical supplies here.

  6. (805) 527-9600 Contact Home Care Pharmacy To avoid common running injuries, visit Home Care Pharmacy for medical supplies in Simi Valley! Telephone: (805) 527-9600 Email: 1687 Erringer Rd #101 Simi Valley, CA 93065