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  1. You will need to personalize this presentation Go thru slides and put your contact info, your initials and PTI # for the App Referral Your logo, etc where appropriate. Put your offer at end for your class, etc Encourage to sign up for newsletter at Questions, contact us at:

  2. Thom Somes The Pet Safety Guy™ Mission “Improving the quality of pets’ lives, one pet owner.”™

  3. Dear Abby “Your booklet will save the lives of companion animals that might not otherwise survive. I commend you for providing such a readable and easy-to-understand guide.” Dear Abby

  4. State of the Pet Union FACT Our pets are not living as long or as well as they could

  5. Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine 7% Dogs Considered Healthy!

  6. Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine 10% Cats Considered Healthy!

  7. When You Choose a Pet You Accept the Gift of LIFE… From puppyhood to senior pet-izen™

  8. Age of the Petizen A lifestyle for you and your pet that minimizes the risk of illness, injury and disease AND maximizes the quality of your pet’s life and your relationship with them. Page 3

  9. State of the Pet Union There are lifestyles that you can choose for your pet that will help them live longer Page 3

  10. 5 Components of Optimal Wellness If you do 3 of the 5, good results If you do 4 of the 5, better results But if you do 5 of the 5… INCREDIBLE RESULTS!

  11. Human-Animal Bond 5 Components of an Optimal Healthy Lifestyle for Your Pets

  12. Human-Animal Bond American Veterinary Medical Association “A mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological and physical interactions of people, animals and the environment” Page 4

  13. The Human Animal Bond Unconditional Love Page 4-5

  14. The Human Animal Bond Healing Power of Pets Page 4-5

  15. The Human Animal Bond Role Pets Play in Our Lives Page 4-5

  16. Human-Animal Bond Is the glue that holds the other 4 Components of Optimal Wellness together

  17. Knowing Your Pet’s Health 5 Components of an Optimal Healthy Lifestyle for Your Pets

  18. Knowing Your Pet’s Health Take a PetSaver Training “1-out-of-4 more pets would be saved if just ONE pet first aid technique is applied prior to veterinary care.” American Animal Hospital Association

  19. Knowing Your Pet’s Health Snout-To-Tail Assessment Going from Snout-To-Tail withdeliberate intent and purpose in order to monitor, evaluate and know the underlying health of your pet Page 6-10 & App

  20. S-2-T: Snout & Mouth SnoutNot so wet that there is discharge or so dry it is hard and cracked Mouth Gums should be bubble gum pink, teeth white and no bad odor

  21. S-2-T: Eyes & Ears EyesCompare one to the other. Clear with no discharge. Track movement. Ears Compare ears to each other. Should not be sensitive or painful to the touch. No bad odor or discharge.

  22. S-2-T: Skull Skull As you come over the head check the front, sides and back for any abrasions, bumps, masses, tenderness or sores. Use All Your SensesSense of touch, sight and smell. Page 7

  23. S-2-T: Neck & Spine Front, side and back for abrasions, bumps, masses, tenderness or sores Page 7

  24. S-2-T: Abdomen & Genitals Use flats of hands, palpate abdomen. Should not be sensitive, painful or rigid. Page 8

  25. S-2-T: Tail, Skin & Coat Tail Assess for deformity, pain, range of use & movement. Skin & CoatShould be appraised throughout your assessment for texture, color, shedding, and quality of haircoat. Page 8

  26. S-2-T: Worksheet KYPH S2T Worksheet Only Takes a Few Minutes Strengthens Bond 23 Specific Checks Log of Pet’s Health PDF available

  27. S-2-T: PetSaver App PetTech’s PetSaver App 23 Specific Checks Log of Pet’s Health Thru-Time Photos Audible Timer for Vitals Archive, Access & Compare Pet’s Health Records from puppyhood to Senior Peti-zen Referral Code: Initals#

  28. Pet’s VitalsWhat is normal for your pet? Heart Rate Breathing Rate Mucous Membrane Color, Meaning & Capillary Refill Temperature Pages 9 & 10 & App

  29. Knowing Your Pet’s Health If you know what is normal for your pet, then you will more quickly recognize what is “NOT” normal Pages 15 & 16 & App

  30. Nutrition & H2O 5 Components of an Optimal Healthy Lifestyle for Your Pets

  31. Signs of Minimal Nutrition Seen Everyday in Veterinarian Offices & Homes Around the World!

  32. Skin Problems Diabetes Lack of Energy Cataracts/Glaucoma

  33. Nutrition & H2O Madison Avenue doesn’t care about the health of your pets! “Pet Owners now see their Pet Care Professional as their Animal Advocate in this new Millennium”

  34. Pet Food Recall of 2007 Pet parents are seeking information on how to create optimal healthy lifestyles for their furry four-legged family members.

  35. Pet Food Recall of 2007 No amount of national advertising can beat the snout-to-face relationship built on trust and education of a community connected Pet Care Professional.

  36. Pet Food Choices Paper or Plastic?

  37. Pet Food Pyramid Importance of Optimal Nutrition Pets, like humans,require a balanced diet of fresh, natural, and toxin-free nutritious human-grade food

  38. Avoid SubOptimal Nutrition 10 Ingredients you NEVER want to see on your pet’s food label Page 13

  39. 10 Ingredients You NEVER… Ingredient #1 By-Product Can include ANY part of ANY animal Not fit for human consumption Page 13

  40. 10 Ingredients You NEVER… Ingredient #2 Beet Pulp or Peanut Shells No nutritional value Added to create firm stools Can cause dehydration Page 13

  41. 10 Ingredients You NEVER… Ingredient #3 Menadione (vitamin K3) Synthetic & cheaper vitamin Can cause liver & kidney damage May appear as “dimethylprimidinol sulfate” Page 13

  42. 10 Ingredients You NEVER… Ingredient #4 Ethoxyquin Artificial preservative Banned from human consumption Considered a pesticide by the Department of Agriculture Page 13

  43. 10 Ingredients You NEVER… Ingredients #5& #6 BHA & BHT Butylated Hydroxyanisole Butylated Hydroxytoluene Artificial preservative Listed as a chemical hazard by OSHA Linked to causing cancer in humans Page 13

  44. Homework?? MSDS:chemical/ingredient Material Safety Data Sheet OSHA requirement in the work place Form includes: toxicity, first aid, hazard rating Page 12

  45. H2O For Your Pet Majority of Pets Suffer from Dehydration POU Filtration is best Page 14