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Tips for Living Small PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for Living Small

Tips for Living Small

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Tips for Living Small

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  1. Tips for Living Small

  2. Small is the newest trend in design. You have more than likely seen the shows or read stories of people getting down to the bare minimum when it comes to their homes. Tiny House communities are popping up all over the place.

  3. Smaller houses are becoming more and more appealing to first-time home buyers and homeowners looking for an easier and cheaper lifestyle. Living in a small home can have advantages and drawbacks. For most people the idea of living small seems great at first…

  4. until you have to get shed of personal items. If you’re looking to move to a tiny house, or even build one on wheels, then check out the tips below to find out how to make the most of your small space.

  5. Everything Needs Dual Function If you’re going to live in a small house then space is one of your biggest concerns. Everything you buy should always have a single thought behind it – will this fit? For this reason one of the best things you can do,

  6. and get into the habit of doing, is purchasing items with dual function. Convertible beds have come a long way since the days of the uncomfortable futon. Couches which turn to beds can be built to fit your specific needs.

  7. Your couch can be a bed, a sitting area, and even extra storage for smaller items. A variety of furniture can now be used for dual purposes. An ottoman can be hollow storage, desks can double as tables, and even steps can life to hold extra goodies.

  8. Since living in a small house is focused on space then learning to buy a 3-in-1 product will save both money and time. Getting Rid of Unneeded Items If you’re a homeowner then you more than likely have some items in your home that you know are unneeded.

  9. These items can be anything from furniture you picked up at a yard sale that you have never found use for, old clothes you’ll never wear again, toys from children that no longer use them, and a myriad of other items which are promptly stored in boxes and forgotten about.

  10. Moving to a smaller home or a tiny house means that pairing down is the number one thing you need to get started with. While personal items and precious keepsakes can always be moved to a safe location at your local storage facility, some items can be donated or simply given away at a yard sale.

  11. Broken tools you can’t repair or books you’ll never get around to reading are prime example of items you won’t have the luxury of keeping. Colors and Design Contrary to popular belief, a small home or tiny house doesn’t always have to be drab and devoid of any color or substance.

  12. The point of a tiny house is to live simply and this fact doesn’t mean you give up décor for function. A smaller house can still have all the beauty and décor options that a larger home has. Painting the ceiling of your home white is a great way to reflect light and give you a host of other possibilities down below.

  13. Make use of color in different areas and rooms. You’ll soon find out which colors work the best for the space and which you need to tweak. The great thing about living in a small space is having a lighter workload when it comes to painting walls.

  14. If you’re looking to mix up the whole space then speaking with a professional like Kirk Enterprises, Inc. can give you a much clearer idea for what you want to get accomplished.