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Taming the Beast PowerPoint Presentation
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Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast

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Taming the Beast

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  1. Taming the Beast Region 3 ESA Title II Part D Report Sylvia J Street August 4, 2011

  2. Abstract This proposal will provide the tools to teachers in participating schools that will enable them to tame the technology beast. The teachers will learn how to effectively incorporate technology and 21st Century skills into their curriculum and teaching practices. Beginning with the summer academy, teachers will have the opportunity to work with educational content specialists with expertise in technology integration. They will be given the opportunity to team with cohort groups and continue work in technology and 21st century skill integration through the school year. Mentors will work with the cohorts of teachers at the schools and at four professional development Saturdays during the year to assist in the development of that rich, relevant curriculum and the integration of technology. The Title II Part D application being developed for the partner schools in ESA 3 and Mid Central Educational Cooperative (MCEC) and the DIAL consortium schoolswill target innovative ways to integrate technology and the 21st Century Skills into school curriculum.


  4. Goal 1: 80% of participating 6th grade students will increase the number of correct answers by 5% points on the Dakota Step assessment in mathematics Goal 2: 80% of participating 5th grade students will increase the number of correct answers by 5% points on the Dakota Step assessment in reading. Goal 3: 80% of participating high school students will increase by 25 percentage points their proficiency in identified standards for science or social studies and 21st century skills as determined by pre and post assessment. Student Achievement Goals

  5. Goal:  90% of the teachers participating in the cohort will increase by 1 level their ability to incorporate information, media, and technology skills as defined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills into their instructional practice as assessed by the ISTE NETS –T Self Assessment of the five following standards: Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments Model digital age work and learning, Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility, and Engage in professional grown and leadership. Professional Development Goal for Teachers

  6. Timeline of activities: • Project Based Learning workshop in June 2010 • Dakota Writing Project - digital writing • Saturday workshops • Coaching • ISTE for some members of the cohort in June 2011

  7. Evaluation: • Technology surveys for principals, teachers, students • NETS survey – pre and post • Dakota Step scores for 5th and 6th LA and Math • Pre and post units assessments in technology, science, or social science for high school • Rubric for core unit • ARRA hours spent on project

  8. Cognitive coaching by mentors • Increased 21st century skills of teachers Robust core units Products • Teacher procrastination • DWP expectations • Realistic expectations • Firm timelines • Awareness of ISTE • 21st Century Standards