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WWW Reflections

WWW Reflections

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WWW Reflections

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  1. WWW Reflections Alya Fayoumy 6C

  2. Day 1 • Today was the first day of WWW. We worked on Team Building activities. We worked as boys and girls separate My favorite section was The Hula Hoop Pass. • I think that the girls were not good in the crocodile river because we would not listen to each other. So we weren’t able to make it to the other side. • I think that I was a good communicator because team building is based on talking and sharing ideas and I was good in team building.

  3. Day 2 • Today we did the Capital Cities activities contest. In this task we worked with the whole class. I did all 4 activities ( cycling, swimming, rowing, running). I enjoyed the whole day and I didn’t have favorites. • If I would redo this activity I would have used more airmiles to get around the world faster. • I think that I was really Balanced today, because, I did all the activities and I was able to get our group to work together as a group because we were not listening to one and other.

  4. Day 3 • Today we went to QSTP. FINALLY! I have been waiting for this day for ONE WHOLE WEEK. Sol in the begging of the day we took the bus to QSTP we were singing the one and only JB SONGS on the way. When we arrived we meet Dr. Bader. Dr. Bader gave us a presentation about surgery in the past and in the future. It was really interesting seeing how surgery has changed. Afterwards, we got to use the machines. We went for lunch in Georgetown. • I think that this day went nice and smoothly so there is nothing I would redo. • I think I was a good Thinker because working on the machines we had to think of ways to move the rings.

  5. Day 4 • Today I arrived to school a bit late. I had to go in and work on our group poster about the natural disaster. We had one hour. Then grade 6 went to the AV Room to present our posters. At 9:30 we had our break, after break we had an hour of sports. I choose basketball it was really fun playing against the boys. WE BEAT THEM BADLY! After that me and my group went to C1:31 for the drama problem and we wrote a script. Unfortunately I had to leave the day at 11:30. • I think that I would have planned a bit more for the script of the drama. • I think I was a good thinker because we were able to use foil as glue.

  6. Day 5

  7. What a great week this was!