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Web: barod Email: info@barod

Barod. Spreading ideas changing attitudes. Croeso Welcome. Web: www.barod.org Email: info@barod.org. Barod - Who we are. We are a community interest company. We have three worker-directors. And two employees. Alan. Mal. Anne . Owen . Catherine. Spreading ideas changing attitudes.

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Web: barod Email: info@barod

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  1. Barod Spreading ideas changing attitudes Croeso Welcome Web: www.barod.org Email: info@barod.org

  2. Barod - Who we are We are a community interest company We have three worker-directors And two employees Alan Mal • Anne • Owen • Catherine Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  3. What we do • Make easy read and accessible information • Research • Find out what people think • Coffee shop conversations • Provide speakers and thinkers Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  4. Barod and research • We are not academics • (but Anne has an MA) • We have not had a research grant • (but we did try) • We do practical policy research • Models for social care social enterprise • Coffee shop conversations Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  5. Ownership • My space: academics involve “users” • Your space: activists involve academics • New space: people working together Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  6. Our experience We head-hunted an academic • Topic – Barod’s expertise • Methods – Catherine’s expertise • We knew we needed each other • It was about the people, not our hats Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  7. Lessons we learnedon creating a new space • Leave your ego outside the door • Bring your expertise to the table for others to use • Don’t gloss over or devalue anyone’s skills Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  8. But it’s not just about people People can leave egos outside the door But how do you leave your institution outside the door? (Maybe we will find the answer when someone works out how Structure and Agency interact in this context...) Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  9. Impact What’s the point of research? Life’s too short... Impact of process Impact of findings Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  10. Impact – our experience • No impact from findings (as we didn’t get funded!) • Impact on us: • more confidence, better understanding • developed the coffee shop conversations • Impact on university: • Re-thinking inclusive research – MARS Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  11. Old and young together • Feminist web sounds like the Ely Hospital project. • Modern young women meeting people who in their life time had to do direct action so the young women had stuff they didn’t even have to think about. • Maybe conversations always change people. Spreading ideas changing attitudes

  12. Our advice? • Know who owns the space • Remember: if you involve me, you still hold the power • Keep talking • Keep it real Spreading ideas changing attitudes

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