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Email Works!

Email Works!

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Email Works!

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  1. Email Works! An ACEware Webinar

  2. Today’s Agenda • Functional/Administrative Email • Email Receipts • Course Level Correspondence • Mass Email • Mail Merge Emails • Emailing Faculty • Email Marketing • Email Blasts • Merged Email • To HTML or • Plain text • General Email Rules & Etiquette

  3. Stop a moment and think about email Functional / Admin / Nuts & Bolts Marketing Data driven, targeting Builds relationships, loyalty & trust generates additional interest & sales

  4. How do we know email works? • The Direct Marketing Association predicted a $43.52 ROI on every dollar spent on email marketing. Email outperforms all other direct marketing – including print catalogs! • In December 2008 MarketingSherpa surveyed marketers & found that email ranked a close second to pay-per-click search ads, if using a house list • A recent USAToday article reported that 82% of all US adults have (and use) their email accounts at least once a week

  5. Record the email addresses of all participants to make email effective for your organization. Check the accuracy of the email address with every customer contact.

  6. Spot Email to Student: …. Quick and Easy! Quick Tip! Double-click an email address in the name screen to send a quick, individual email message.

  7. Emailing a Class

  8. Emailing Confirmations & Receipts • Open the appropriate registration record.   • Click the Print Receipt button to open the Receipt Printing Options screen. • Select the appropriate option from the Receipt drop down menu:   • Standard Email Receipt • User Defined Email Receipt

  9. Emailing Confirmations & Receipts If you want to preview the email before it's sent, check Let me see the Email.

  10. And, don’t forget . . . Great Feature!

  11. Opening the link on the email (ClassCal.ics) results in a calendar appointment!

  12. Emailing Confirmations & Receipts • You’ll also be asked if you want to print a conventional receipt.  Select the appropriate option • Finally, if you selected the Auto Stamp today’s date in rgconfirm field option in your XSetMail setup, the system will stamp the current date in the Confirmed field.

  13. Emailing Registrants in a Course • Open the Course record. • Click on the Quick Reports button to open the Quick Report window. • Send Quick Email to Class – email registrants who have a valid email address • Email Waitlisted Students – email waitlisted students You may send a quick email to all registrants in a course who have an email address listed in their Name record. Check the appropriate option

  14. Emailing Registrants in a Course • Next, the system will ask you if you want to email ALL registrants or only certain registrants.   Enter “Yes” to include all registrants Select “No” to include only those individuals who have registered on/or AFTER the date you enter

  15. Emailing Registrants in a Course • The report lists all students with an email address.  It will also list those who will not be emailed (no email address). The report also includes phone numbers so you may contact those without email addresses in another manner

  16. Emailing Registrants in a Course • Once you have printed and closed the report, the Student Manager Broadcast Class Email screen opens.  The Sender, Email, Send To and Subject fields are automatically entered for you. Edit the subject as desired, enter your message and select your Email options (send a copy to others, include your email signature).

  17. Emailing Registrants in a Course • If your ISP (or campus IT) limits the number of emails you can send in an hour, check the Wait box then enter the number of seconds to wait between each email sent. Emails will be sent to those registrants who have valid email addresses then you'll be returned to the Course screen

  18. Other reasons to email a class? • New room • Cancel or change time • Reminder of supplies • Weather delay • Promote upcoming Class • Invite them to bring a friend

  19. Faculty Email

  20. Emailing Rosters to Instructors • Open the Course record & click on the Quick Reports button. • Check the Email Roster to Instructor box.   • The Email Roster Format window opens for you to select the appropriate roster

  21. Emailing Rosters to Instructors • Next, the system will ask if you want to include ALL registrants or only certain registrants. Yes – All Students No – provide date. Only students who have registered On or AFTER that date will be on the roster

  22. Emailing Rosters to Instructors • The Student Manager Quick Email screen now opens with the student information listed (you MAY edit it). Select the appropriate email options (attachments, include email signature, etc.) then click the Send button

  23. Mass Email – doemail()

  24. Mass Email Receipt Wizard • May send batch or Mass receipts from either the “Deadbeat” or Mass Receipt areas. • Modify the report and add a JUSTAFTER • justafter(“=doemail(‘receipt’)”) • To run: • Select and run the desired query. • Select the Report with the Justafter • After Previewing the report and closing Preview, you get • the Mass Email Receipt Wizard

  25. Mass Email Receipt Wizard • The Mass Email Receipt Wizard screen opens. Select your options and hit OK !

  26. Mail Merge Wizard

  27. Mail Merge Wizard • This process is not for the faint of heart! • ( It does require knowledge of xBASE syntax ) • However, it does conjure up classy confirmations, simple transcripts, and customized letters. The Merge Mail option allows you to send mass emails, merging the individual's Student Manager data into the individual emails (similar to creating Mail merges in your word processor).

  28. Mail Merge Wizard • MERGMAIL opens the Mass Merge Email to send an email to everyone in the report using the selected email template. • It is available for use in the Names, Faculty, and Registration area and takes the form: JUSTAFTER('DO MERGMAIL') • NOTE:ACEware does have several model • Mail merge templates available for you Watch! MERGMAIL has a unique spelling

  29. Special Merge Mail Function: SHOUPCLS • SHOUPCLS function was designed for use with MERGMAIL to email a list of upcoming courses to individuals (based on the individual’s interest codes)

  30. Email Blasts • Mass Email – “Boilerplate” • justafter(“=doemail()”) • In ANY report that will have Email field • Your QUERY does the selection of who gets the email • For a Single Course – Use Quick Email (in the Course Quick Report) • Mass Email – Mergmail • Justafter(“=mergmail()”) • Personalizing Emails • Add Links in email – to redirect to ACEweb • Add special functions – shoupcls – Emailing Passwords, etc

  31. Email Marketing

  32. Little Email Gems • Your email marketing should compliment your other marketing • The Preview Pane is your friend – lead with your best stuff • Use dates to promote a sense of action • Be true to your style & tone – “silly” might not work for a university leadership conference • Make your messages a “must read” – short, timely & informative • Spend as much time on your email marketing as you would on paid advertising • Provide a link in your email to your webpage, Twitter account, etc (No cost does NOT mean No Effort or No Brains..)

  33. HTML & Your Tech • Your tech knows a lot about Student Manager, but not so much about HTML • Do not expect your tech to be your HTML guru

  34. HTML Resources • (if you’re wet behind the ears!)

  35. Marketing Resources(focusing on E-Marketing) • Online •

  36. The 7 Deadly Words • Free • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! • ???????????? • Save, affordable, bargain • Register now • 100% • Get paid

  37. A few suggestions • TEST TEST…Check delivery format by sending to staff (BEFORE you SPAM 5,000 students) • On your “Mass Emails” – ALWAYS provide an Opt out opportunity – It’s the law! • Check Spam Content/Rating by using free web testers • tester 2 • •

  38. And speaking of spam . . . a little about not getting blacklisted • What is blacklisted? • Blacklists are 3rd party monitoring of mail coming in to a network to filter out known spammers

  39. How to avoid looking like a spammer(and get on somebody’s “Black List” ) • Why are you receiving this email? Because you selected the option to receive the newsletter when you registered for . . . • Make it clear how you can unsubscribe • Use a known address (If you buy from, you expect mail from, not • Provide a link to or state privacy policy • Have value/information in email otherwise individuals will block • Don't send mail too often • Avoid excessive use of “click here”, punctuation & symbols

  40. How to avoid looking like a spammer . . . . the BEST way to not be Black Listed. Just email information to the student that they would be interested in hearing about !!!

  41. Questions? Comments? Don’t Forget… Use the SM On Line Help (Optional Modules) Watch the Archived Webinar: Email Tips Next Webinar: Coding with Student Manager July 1st, 1:30 pm CDT