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Orthodontics Wolverhampton PowerPoint Presentation
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Orthodontics Wolverhampton

Orthodontics Wolverhampton

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Orthodontics Wolverhampton

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  1. Why Are Braces Important to Misaligned Teeth? Misaligned teeth are one of the common problems faced by a large number of population across the world. Many think that it just affects the beauty of the person but it is not true. Such teeth can create many issues in the long run and you can even end up oozing your teeth. Wolverhampton Orthodontics Wolverhampton is experts intreating misaligned teeth with the help of braces. Benefits of braces Wolverhampton There are many benefits of braces Wolverhampton mentioned below which will help you in understanding why braces are important for misaligned teeth. Protection from gum disease Braces help in preventing gum disease because they don’t let the food get stuck in your teeth. The food will get stuck between your teeth if you have gaps between your teeth and you don’t have braces. Clogged food in teeth causes gum disease. Braces prevent the tooth from decaying If your food is stuck in teeth it will cause tooth decay as well. It will also destroy the enamel of the teeth. Braces avoid these situations and protect your teeth from decaying. Braces can prevent you from cavities When your food is stuck in teeth it will create germs and bacteria’s. These bacteria will create toxicants and acid. These toxicants and acid will decay your tooth and gum and create a cavity. Proper digestion If your teeth are misaligned then b you cannot chew your food. Which means that your digestion will not be proper. So, if you have braces your food will digest properly. 1/2

  2. Protection from injury On one hand, misaligned teeth are more likely to get cracked and injured during physical activities ad any unfortunate event. On the other hand, misaligned teeth can also cause injury to your inner mouth which is caused by bad bites. Both situations can be prevented with the help of braces. Protection from erosion and bone loss Erosion and bone loss is a very severe problem that results in the decay of the tooth. It is caused due to misaligned teeth but braces are applied to realign your teeth, so this problem is also prevented with the help of braces. Get back your confidence The world is cruel, people make fun out of others misery. Body shaming is a common problem faced by people who have misaligned teeth. Kids face this problem much more than elders. It deeply affects their personalities and also reduces their confidence. But braces bring back the beauty of their teeth and with that people also gain their confidence. Speech improvement If you have improper teeth then you will also have a problem in your speech. It is so because teeth play an important role in speech. Once you will start wearing braces for your teeth alignment you will see a huge improvement in your speech. Summary See your dentist atbraces Wolverhampton for treating your misaligned teeth and get rid of all your dental problems. 2/2