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  1. Adoption@HeartRestructureConsultation – Sandwell Presenter: Alison Hinds Date: 14/01/2019 Our mission: Working as one to serve our city

  2. Adoption@Heart Restructure Consultation • Start of the consultation with staff and trade unions. • The formal consultation period runs from January 17th 2019 to February 17th 2019.

  3. Background In June 2015, the Government published a paper titled Regionalising Adoption, it set out provision for the creation of Regional Adoption Agencies. An RAA is a service delivering adoption services across multiple local authority areas.

  4. Work started to develop our RAA Adoption@Heart in December 2015. Staff and managers in all the local authorities and Sandwell Children’s Trust have been involved in the planning and design of the new service. The new service will provide adoption services across the geographical area of the participating local authorities

  5. Adoption@Heart Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) will: combine the adoption services for the local authority areas of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC), Sandwell MBC, Walsall MBC and City of Wolverhampton Council. The RAA is planned to go live on 1st April 2019.

  6. The RAA will be ‘hosted’ by City of Wolverhampton Council, with the TUPE transfer of relevant staff into City of Wolverhampton Council. There will be a central Hub at Priory Green in Pendeford, helping to build the identity and culture of Adoption@Heart, with practitioners equipped to work flexibly, making use of ‘hot desk' arrangements in all local authority office bases. The development of the RAA has provided the opportunity to design a new service from top to bottom, with a whole range of new and innovative practice.

  7. The RAA will deliver the following services: • Support and challenge to child care teams in assessing children’s needs and early identification of children for whom an adoption plan is suitable. • Early Permanence Placements. • Child preparation and life story work. • Recruitment and approval of adopters including Panel. • Purchase and sale of inter-agency placements to achieve the best match. • Family finding and matching. • Matching Panel. • Pre and post approval support for adoptive families. • Birth Family support including Letterbox. • Support for adopted adults – access to records and counselling. • A non-agency adoption service

  8. There will be 3 teams, each providing dedicated delivery of: • Adopter Recruitment • Family Finding • Adoption Support Services • A Panel service working alongside

  9. Proposed Structure A@H Service Head Business Support Manager Business Support Officers 4.3 fte Family Finding Team Manager 1.0 fte Adopter Recruitment Team Manager 1.0 fte Adoption Support (Delivery) Clinical Psychologist 1.0 fte Adoption Support (Assessment and social work) Team Manager 1.0 fte Adoption Support Senior Social Worker – 1.0 fte Data Analyst 0.5 fte Adopter Recruitment Senior Social Worker – 1.0 fte Panel Advisors 1.5 fte Adoption Support Therapist 1.0 fte Social Workers 9.0 fte Social Workers 8.0 fte Panel Co-ordinator 0.5 fte Social Workers 8.0 fte Family Support Workers 4.0 fte Marketing & Communications Officer 1.0 fte Family Support Workers 3.0 fte Panel Administrators 2.0 fte

  10. Job titles and description

  11. Placement requirements

  12. Consultation timetable

  13. One to one sessions can be booked today • Any spare slots will be uploaded onto the Adoption@Heart website for booking • All job descriptions and person specs will be uploaded onto the A@H website • the proposed structure will also be available to view on the website • frequently asked questions will be available on the website • Any questions that are not of a personal nature will be added to the frequently asked questions area to enable everyone to view the questions and responses • All such questions need to go through the HR lead for each LA

  14. Information for staff will be available throughout the consultation process on the staff area of the Adoption@Heart website: log in details Username: staff Password: STAFFad0ption@heart This information is for employees transferring to the RAA only and must therefore not be provided to anyone else (including the log in details to the website) Alison Hinds –