an overview of the mcgill medical curriculum n.
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An Overview of the McGill Medical Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation
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An Overview of the McGill Medical Curriculum

An Overview of the McGill Medical Curriculum

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An Overview of the McGill Medical Curriculum

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  1. An Overview of the McGill Medical Curriculum Robert Primavesi, MDCM, FCRP(EM) Associate Dean UndergraduateMedicalEducation (UGME) & StudentAffairs

  2. Today’s schedule - Wednesday

  3. Objectives • About you • About me • About the curriculum • About physicianship • About evaluation • About professionalism • Clicker Quiz !

  4. McGill Medicine Class of 2015

  5. McGill Medicine Class of 2015

  6. McGill Medicine Class of 2015

  7. McGill Medicine Class of 2015

  8. Robert Primavesi, MDCM, FCFP(EM)Associate Dean UGME • BSc Physiology (McGill 1981) • MDCM (McGill 1985) • Ronald Douglas Naymark Memorial Award, 1985 • Established by the McGill Medical Class of 1984 to recognize the member of the graduating class who in the eyes of his/her peers most enriches the life of the class • Family Medicine (MGH 1987) • Senior House Officer (New Zealand 1987/88) • CCFP(EM) (McGill 1990)

  9. Robert Primavesi, MDCM, FCFP(EM)Associate Dean UGME • Assistant Physician, Department of Family Medicine, 1990 – • Assistant Physician, Department of Pediatrics, 1994 – • Director, Department of Emergency Medicine MGH 1998 – 2007 • Interim Accreditation Review Coordinator 2010 • Faculty Development Committee, Department of Family Medicine, 1992 – 2011 • Emergency Program Committee, CFPC 1999 - • Co-Director ACLS MUHC, 2002 - • Chair CME, Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), 2010 -

  10. Robert Primavesi, MDCM, FCFP(EM)Associate Dean UGME • Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence, 2010 • In recognition of Faculty members who have distinguished themselves in the area of education, and whose contributions have had a broad and substantial impact in the areas of teaching, educational leadership and innovation, faculty development, and research and scholarly activity in education.

  11. Sunrise, Mt. Batur, Bali 2010, 1717 m Robert Primavesi, MDCM, FCFP(EM)Associate Dean UGME

  12. Associate Dean UGME Student advocate

  13. Associate Dean UGME Public safety Student advocate

  14. What is Our Goal? • To help you become the best possible physicians and dentists

  15. What is a Good Physician?

  16. Curricular Objectives • CanMEDS roles • Curricular objectives are organized around the CanMEDS roles • Being a health professional means life long learning – these are just the first 4 years of a life of learning and growing in these roles

  17. Curricular Design • Systems-based approach in years 1 and 2 in a coordinated series of units • Small group activities in labs and discussion groups • Independent learning activities, supported by computer-assisted instruction • Formative and summative assessments throughout many units • Physician Apprenticeship explores issues related to professional socialization and to the “physician as healer & professional” over the entire 4-year program

  18. Curricular Design • Early exposure to patients in the pre-clerkship rotations in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) component • Completion of all core clerkship rotations before students are required to make key decisions on residency selection • A mandatory clinical rotation in a rural site • An opportunity for selected students to participate in an integrated clerkship in Gatineau • An opportunity for research activity • Elective opportunities, on a solid basis of clinical experience • Active student involvement in curriculum evaluation and development

  19. Maryse GrignonCurriculum Management Administrator

  20. Curriculum Schema Class of 2015 Basis of Medicine (BOM)

  21. Basis of Medicine (BOM) • First 16 months (August 2011 - December 2012) • To learn the normal and abnormal ways the body and mind function • Lectures, small groups, labs, computer assisted instruction, interactive large group sessions • Opportunity for early patient contact • Dentistry students follow the identical curriculum, except for Dentistry Apprenticeship instead of Physician Apprenticeship

  22. Basis of Medicine – Teaching Venues • McIntyre Medical Building • Charles Martin Amphitheatre • Palmer Howard Amphitheatre • Herbert Black 2nd floor M1, 1/56, 2/49

  23. Dr. Colin Chalk, Basis of Medicine Component Chair

  24. Anna Lee, Basis of MedicineSenior Administrative Coordinator

  25. From the Classroom to the Bedside • The student begins with the patient, continues with the patient, and ends his studies with the patient, using books and lectures as tools, as means to an end. ~ Sir William Osler Bedside teaching during Introduction to Internal Medicine

  26. Curriculum Schema Class of 2015 Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM)

  27. Introduction to Clinical Medicine (ICM) • January to June 2013 • To apply the material learned in BOM and to learn clinical medicine in a supervised clinical setting – lots of patient contact, but no direct patient responsibility • Will rotate to various hospitals; teaching will vary from lectures to small group teaching to one-on-one teaching of techniques • Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS)

  28. Sunita Mathew, ICM and ClerkshipsAdministrator

  29. Curriculum Schema Class of 2015 Core Clerkships* *Core Clerkships may be completed in 12 different sequences; one representative sequence is depicted

  30. Core Clerkship • August 2013 to July 2014 • 4 to 8 weeks in various disciplines in hospitals or community settings • Patient responsibility, always under supervision • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) • 9 students will do an integrated clerkship in the Gatineau region

  31. Dr. Beth-Ann Cummings Clerkship Chair

  32. Curriculum Schema Class of 2015 Senior Clerkship** **Senior Clerkship may be completed in seven different sequences, one representative sequence is depicted ***Physicianship 4 consists of Medicine & Society, Public Health and Communication Plus ****Physician Apprenticeship 4 includes Professionalism sessions

  33. Senior Clerkship • August 2014 to April, 2015 • Continued clerkships in more advanced clinical specialties (emergency, surgical specialties, geriatrics) • Elective rotations (clinical electives or basic science courses) • Physicianship 4 includes courses in Medicine and Society, Public Health and advanced communication skills

  34. Electives Coordinators Eva Pilla (McGill Students) Mary Cecere (non McGill students)



  37. Dr. Gilles BrousseauAssistant Dean of Medical Education for Campus Santé Outaouais

  38. For Anglophone Students • Basis of Medicine and all formal courses are conducted in English • Many patients are primarily French-speaking • You may be assigned to hospitals where the language of work is French (e.g. Douglas, LaSalle, Gatineau) • You will be expected to be functional in French by the beginning of your clerkship • Saturday morning workshops are available for medical French – see your orientation package or UGME website

  39. Physicianship • The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated. ~ Plato

  40. Physicianship • Being a good doctor is more than just knowing a lot of facts and being a good technician • Communication skills, compassion and professional behaviour are also essential to being a good physician • Physicianship courses run longitudinally throughout the 4 years, and focus on these attributes of being a physician

  41. Dr. David Dawson Chair of Physicianship Component

  42. Dr. Donald BoudreauDirector of the Office for Physicianship Curriculum Development

  43. Office for Physicianship Curriculum Development Anne Briggs, Administrator Carolyn-Ann Cichon, Secretary

  44. Toby Cape, PhysicianshipAdministrator

  45. Graduation! • June 2015

  46. Student Affairs Dr. Namta Gupta Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Career Counselor

  47. Meredith Annex Medical Student Lounge First floor is a student relaxation spaceSecond floor houses the offices of Dr. Gupta and the Career Advisor

  48. Student Affairs • Tuition and Other Fees • The student accounts office will send out notification electronically • Visit and (Fact About Fees recorded live presentation) • Financial Aid • Student Aid has many years of experience in helping students access government scholarships and loans, and information about bursaries and scholarships that may help you through tight times. • Go to or link to financial aid from Minerva • Also visit • They can also help you with budgeting

  49. Silvana DilolloSenior Administrative Officer Student Records / Student Affairs