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Just In Time: A Quick Start Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Just In Time: A Quick Start Guide

Just In Time: A Quick Start Guide

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Just In Time: A Quick Start Guide

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  1. Just In Time: A Quick Start Guide Pat Bauer Opal Hamm Ann Kanuck Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas

  2. Definition of Just In Time A single 4-hour tutor training class for literacy volunteers to be followed by in-service sessions, personalized to the individual tutor. Certification as an adult literacy tutor would be awarded after the volunteer has worked with a student for at least 12 hours and received a satisfactory evaluation from a tutor coordinator.

  3. Gaining Support for JIT 1. Read Dr. Alisa Belzer’s research report: Less May Be More: Rethinking Adult Literacy Volunteer Tutor Training Journal of Literacy Research, 1554-8430, Volume 38, Issue 2, 2006, Pages 111 – 140

  4. Gaining Support for JIT 2. Prepare rationale for the decision to choose a new training model. 3. Justify the decision to important opinion leaders. 4. Make a commitment to begin immediately- don’t wait for the skeptics to come around.

  5. Gaining support

  6. Planning for First JIT Session 5. Choose your training team from among the true believers. 6. Examine past practices and training materials for elements worth saving- Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

  7. Planning

  8. Planning for First JIT Session 7. Choose at least one text and correlate with the Dr. Belzer’s Power Point content. LCUP recommends Teaching Adults: A Literacy Resource Book. 8. Adopt assessment of students as an essential element in implementation of JIT model, thus reinforcing the JIT model’s focus on the individual student.

  9. Presentation of First JIT Session 9. Follow Dr. Belzer’s script and power point closely in order to ensure that all essential content is covered. 10. Include brief orientation to at least one online component to extend the learning of tutors beyond the 4-hour orientation. 11. Assign homework that correlates to JIT content.

  10. Presentation of First JIT Session 12. Present program information for tutors-to-be that clearly defines the next steps in their training. (Emphasize that this 4-hour session is only the beginning). 13. Give adequate time for attendees to evaluate the JIT session.

  11. Post JIT 14. Plan in-service for tutors and announce dates immediately following 4-hour orientation. –

  12. Post JIT 15. Hold post JIT training committee meeting to discuss evaluations and critique the presentation.

  13. Post JIT 16. Assign students to tutors in a timely manner to engage them while they are excited. .

  14. Post JIT 17. Implement a process for providing tutors with materials to support student learning

  15. Post JIT 18. Implement a plan for evaluation of tutors who have worked with a student for a few weeks.

  16. Post JIT 19. Implement a plan for reassessment of students after 6 months.

  17. Post JIT 20. Implement a plan for close supervision of new tutors that clearly demonstrates organizational support of their teaching.

  18. LCUP Contact Information Email: Web: Phone: (727) 298-3080 ext. 242