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The Most Dangerous Game

By Sabrina Boyle, Scott Devecchio , Benny Cheng, Jonathan Abbott & Brooke Schiesser. The Most Dangerous Game. Plot Summary. Rainsford and his wife take a yacht to hunt Jaguars Rainsford is sitting on the boat at night time and hears gun shots

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The Most Dangerous Game

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  1. By Sabrina Boyle, Scott Devecchio, Benny Cheng, Jonathan Abbott & Brooke Schiesser The Most Dangerous Game

  2. Plot Summary • Rainsford and his wife take a yacht to hunt Jaguars • Rainsford is sitting on the boat at night time and hears gun shots • Looks over the side of the boat and falls into the water • Swims to shore and discovers a palatial chateau • Meets General Zaroff and gets food, and clothing • Rainsford and General Zaroff talk and Rainsford discovers that Zaroff hunts humans. • Rainsford refuses to hunt with him • General Zaroff decides to hunt Rainsford • Rainsford is forced to hide in the jungle from General Zaroff. • Rainsford kills General Zaroff

  3. Main Characters • Sanger Rainsford- Athletic, resourceful, cunning, intelligent, resilient, and morally restrained • General Zaroff- Cunning, intelligent, witty, violent, blood thirsty, adventurous, and licentious • Ivan- Ogre-like, Muscular, deaf, dumb, and violent

  4. Conflict Man vs. Man • Rainsford has to escape from the hunter, General Zaroff. Man vs. Nature • Rainsford has to adapt to the jungle • Use nature to hide from General Zaroff Man vs. Self • Rainsford fights the urge to give up • He had to keep his nerve

  5. Quotes • “’Here in my preserve on this island’ He said, in the same slow tone, ‘I hunt the most dangerous game.’” Pg. 47 • This quote relates to the theme because you shouldn’t always trust people you don’t know because they could be dangerous and not what you think they are. • “He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided” Pg. 57 • This quote relates to the theme because he overcame the challenge that was presented to him. • “The Cossack was the cat. He was the mouse. Then it was that Rainsford knew the full meaning of terror.” Pg. 54 • This quote relates to the theme because Rainsford now knows how it feels to be the prey and he is afraid of what will follow.

  6. Setting • The story begins on a yacht in the Caribbean • Setting then changes to Ship-Trap Island • Rainsford comes across a palatial chateau • Outside of the palatial chateau is a jungle

  7. Point of View • Written in third person • Third person point of view is narrated from the authors perspective. The narrator knows everything about the characters including their thoughts and feelings. • The narrator is an unknown source

  8. Mood • The mood of the story begins as calm and relaxed • Ex. Rainsford and Whitney were on the yacht chatting • Then shifts to dangerous and suspenseful • Rainsford hears a gunshot and falls off of the yacht • The mood stays suspenseful throughout the rest of the story as Rainsford hides from General Zaroff

  9. Figurative Language Personification • The wash from the speeding yacht slapped him in the face. Pg. 42 Metaphor • The lights of the yacht because faint and ever-vanishing fireflies. Pg. 42 Irony • Rainsford (the hunter) becomes the hunted “Tonight”, said the general, “we will hunt you and I” Pg. 52 Suspense • “Rainsford held his breath. The General’s eyes had left the ground and were traveling inch by inch up the tree” Pg. 53

  10. Pictures This picture is from the book and the tiger head on the wall symbolizes that he is a hunter. This picture is the movie poster which was created after the short story was written. This picture represents a situation in the story because when he first meets Ivan, he is pointing a gun at him.

  11. Reflection Brooke “ I think the story was very interesting. It was like a short version of The Hunger Games and I really enjoyed it. Jonathan “I thought the short story had a very good plot and I liked how much suspense was used in the story. “ Benny “I think the short story had a really nice and interesting plot. It reminded me of The Hunger Games. “ Scott “I enjoyed the story because there was action. It was cool because it was an action story and he has to survive and not get killed. It reminds me of Hatchet. “ Sabrina “It was very intense and reminded me of The Hunger Games.”

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