team member lee wai yin ip ka shing li yik man au cheong ho wong ka leung sung ka hei liu tsun yin n.
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Wonderful Family Released 1 -- Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Wonderful Family Released 1 -- Report

Wonderful Family Released 1 -- Report

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Wonderful Family Released 1 -- Report

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  1. Team member: Lee Wai Yin IpKaShing Li Yik Man Au Cheong Ho Wong Ka Leung Sung KaHei Liu TsunYin Wonderful FamilyReleased 1 -- Report

  2. OOA & OOD report • Test Plan • Bug Report Content

  3. Introduction Problem Objective Functional Requirement Non Functional Requirement Priority Table Use Case Diagram Use Case Specification Potential Object Table Class Diagram Critical Path Communication Diagram Sequence Diagram OOA & OOD Report content

  4. Our game is named “Wonderful Family”. It is a computer game designed for families which have different types of conflicts and difficulties. Our game design is to illustrate the common family bad relationship, correct and enhance the communication skills and relationship throughout the play course of the game. In this game, it will provide chances to interact and communicate for each player. Also, our main target players are all family members in the family who involve in the game. Introduction

  5. Many people having bad relationship and conflicts with their family members. Triangulation, which means three members are having argument in the family, is a common problem appears in many families and is a serious situation that we need to pay attention to. Problems Objective Our first objective is to provide chances to facilitate congruent communication. The second objective is to provide a situation to let a person thinks in other’s perspective. The final objective is to get knowledge of concept of triangulation and ways in effective de-triangulation.

  6. Functional Requirement • Distribute (Randomize) roles and abilities for participants • Distribute EXEMPTION cards • Roll dice (for players movement on the board) • Draw ACTION cards • Draw TRIANGULATION cards • Draw ITEM cards • Perform tasks for ACTION cards • Apply abilities for TRIANGULATION cards • Trade ITEM cards • Determine end turn situation

  7. Display the pretty board • Display symbolicfigures which are participants representation Non-Functional requirement

  8. Priority Table

  9. Use Case Diagram

  10. Use Case Specification

  11. Use Case Specification

  12. Potential Object Table

  13. Class Diagram

  14. Critical path

  15. Communication Diagram Use Case 1 (Roll Dice)

  16. Use Case 2 (Draw TRIANGULATION cards)

  17. Use Case 3 (Draw ITEM cards)

  18. Use Case 4 (Draw Action cards)

  19. Use Case 5 (Perform tasks for ACTION cards)

  20. Use Case 6 (Apply Ability)

  21. Use Case 7 (Trade)

  22. Sequence diagram Use Case 1 (Roll Dice)

  23. Use Case 2 (Draw TRIANGULATION cards)

  24. Use Case 3 (Draw ITEM cards)

  25. Use Case 4 (Draw Action cards)

  26. Use Case 5 (Perform tasks for ACTION cards)

  27. Use Case 6 (Apply Ability)

  28. Use Case 7 (Trade)

  29. Test Plan identifier Introduction Test items Features to be tested Features not to be tested Approach Item pass/fail criteria Test Plan Content • Test deliverables • Testing tasks • Environmental needs • Responsibilities • Staffing & Training needs • Schedule

  30. “Wonderful Family” is a computer-based board game designed by @CityU team. This board game is designed to help families in constant conflicts with each other and have difficulties in effective communication and understanding between family members. This is creative and innovative software that have never developed before in Hong Kong. As the innovative side, “Wonderful Family” is in a “Race-to-the-end” style board, with competition and cooperation play style and special grid design specifically designed to suit the topic and design aim. This game is not only suitable for family, but also suitable for all people who want to know more about family conflicts. Creative side involves players take different roles with different characteristics assigned. Situations called “Triangulation” are specifically designed in order to fit into the real life situation, providing a discovery-oriented way for players to learn from these simulated events and improve their ability to effectively de-triangulation. Review Summary

  31. Test game rule and board design • Game Balance • Maintain correct judgment of cards ‘ influence on each player • Ensure reasonable increment in number of actions for every player • The initial value of stance is suitable or not • Game broad Design • The draw card’s position • Ensure the game flow is complete under different positions and abilities • Program test • Ensure different class can executable independently • Ensure whole application can executable Test Plan identifier WF_t_01 Introduction

  32. ID01: ID02: ID03: ID04: ID05: ID06: Test items

  33. ID01: • Whether display the game board correctly. • Whether display the player position correctly. • System define each round correctly. • Implemental Initialization. • ID02: • Update player attribute. • Whether can select a target. • To check player items. • Ensure calculate the ability of player in action affect for every player. Features to be tested

  34. ID03: • To check the item cards whether be draw • ID04: • To check the item cards whether be draw • To check the action card description whether be display Features to be tested

  35. ID05: • To check the item cards whether be draw • To check whether display the Triangulation card description • ID06: • To check whether be checking any player asking for a trade • To check the player whether be choose the trade item card • To check the trade item card whether be shuffle • To check the traded item card form player’s card whether be clean after traded Features to be tested

  36. Features not to be tested • Exclude the GUI visualization Approach • White-box bottom-up Item pass/fail criteria • 100% statement coverage

  37. Test spec WF_ts_01(13 Test Cases) Initialization_t01 CheckRole_t01 CheckAbility_t01 NewRound_t01 EndRound_t01 RollDice_t01 DrawItem_t01 DrawTriCard_t01 DrawActCard_t01 Exempt_t01 KeepActCard_t01 PerformAct_t01 Trade_t01’ Trade_t02’ Test deliverables

  38. Initialization_t01

  39. CheckRole_t01

  40. CheckAbility_t01

  41. NewRound_t01

  42. EndRound_t01

  43. RollDice_t01