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  1. we are united. We are more than just a real estate office. Find out what makes us united. Gary J. Reggish, Broker, Remerica United Realty

  2. What could you achieve with the support of a WINNING TEAM ? Your own footer

  3. This is Where We Come From Jim Courtney, President of Remerica Real Estate, has been a leader in the industry since the 1960’s. He began building his empire in 1974, when he and his business partners started selling franchises which became Century 21 and Coldwell Banker offices. Eventually, Courtney and his team grew tired of working for real estate companies they felt were bureaucratic and slow-moving. Together, they founded Remerica.


  5. NOT Your Typical Office The Remerica United Team is comprised of seasoned, experienced agents. Agents who know the business, inside and out. Agents who help each other achieve success.

  6. Our Wheels Are Turning FULL TIME STAFF IN-OFFICE 7 DAYS A WEEK Monday thru Thursday 9AM-7PM Friday 9AM-6PM Saturday 9AM-5PM Sunday 10AM-4PM

  7. Your own subheadline A Real, Live Broker! Gary is ALWAYSavailable to answer questions and offer advice He supports his agents every step of the way Gary ALWAYS returns phone calls the same day He is a short sale expert Gary sells, but NEVER competes!

  8. “I was not looking to change real estate companies, but I always enjoyed how positive I felt after speaking with Gary Reggish. As the real estate market took a turn for the worse, my former office began to resemble a ghost town. I realized it was time to take a closer look at why Remerica United Realty continued to thrive. I noticed how busy and full of energy Gary and the other agents were and decided this was the place to make myself at home.   Gary provides the tools and training that are relevant in our current market. He also fosters a positive environment where only success can follow. I am reenergized and thrilled to call Remerica United Realty home.” ~ Susan Kumpula Susan has made over $2400 in production sharing THIS YEAR ALONE!

  9. Competitive Contracts VERY • Full-Office Contract • $11,900 • Home-Office Contract • $6,400

  10. Franchise Fees CAPPED at $4,000 per year The rest is YOURS! You yield a 100%contract Your own footer

  11. “I had been with another company for • Nearly 14 years, paying 10% on every • transaction, no matter how much I sold. • At Remerica United, I only pay 8% and • it’s capped.My desk fee has never been • this low. I havemade more money this year • than the past 4 years!  I love working for • Gary Reggish. He is fun, knowledgeable, • and generous.Come join our Novi family!” • ~ Vickie Jeannette

  12. Build Your Team! No charge for assistants No charge for your first licensed assistant! (buyer and listing specialists)

  13. NO TRANSACTION FEES!!! How Much Money Could that save YOU?

  14. L O W Errors & Omissions Insurance for a VERY LOW monthly fee

  15. Dear Gary,   You offer the very best financial package available to real estate salespeople in western Wayne and south Oakland counties.  I was quite impressed that you do not charge transaction fees or other "add on" costs like so many other brokers, but choose to make your money the old fashioned way-by earning it!!!  I also want you to know how much I appreciate the extremely low errors and omissions insurance coverage, the company paid WWOCAR classes and the company paid continuing education.  Your efforts, Gary, have attracted a cohesive group of experienced, positive, motivated salespeople.  It is terrific to be surrounded by such industry leaders who are always willing to share and help.  Sincerely, Connie L. Isbell

  16. Endless! Our Resources are • NO CHARGE phones • NO CHARGE high speed internet and access to our four agent computers • NO CHARGE black & white printing and copying • NO CHARGE your first 100 color copies per month • (only 15 cents per copy after that) • NO CHARGE for continuing education Use our Commercial Quality Equipment to Your Business Grow

  17. Our agents receive all sign calls on their own listings

  18. We provide our agents with at NO CHARGE

  19. With Professional Feedback Upgrade • Provides pictures of the property • Enables agents to customize feedback questions • Automatically emails feedback to showing agent • Emails your seller after listing agent approval • Receive a picture of each listing on the listing activity • report • Add agent photo and company logo

  20. Virtual Exposure Increase Your • We offer you the BEST website technology on the market today from Delta Media Group for just per month! • Get help creating a custom, high quality, website from Online ConneXionsfor just per month! $25 $10

  21. CompanyShowcaseListings on With our company contract, you receive FREE

  22. BIG Our Agents Save On Agent Showcase Listing Enhancements With Remerica United’s Company Showcase Account at $15/Month 1-5* Listings $25/Month 5-10* Listings $50/Month 11-24* Listings $75/Month 25 +* Listings *based on number of listings in previous 12 months

  23. Why purchase Agent Showcase Listing Enhancements? Post up to 25 jumbo photos - grab the attention of buyers Icons stand out and encourage clicks to your listings Additional listing promotion – Automatically displays teaser ads for up to 3 of your other listings Custom headlines and property descriptions Open House Alerts - Drive buyers through the door Contact information and portrait - Give buyers an easy connection to you Traffic Reports – Show your sellers how their listing is performing on® Multiple lead forms Full Motion Listing Videos

  24. “I save $1,000 every year with the discounts I receive as an agent at Remerica United.” ~ Dennis Scott, Realtor, Remerica United Realty

  25. Our 55” flat screen monitor/ computer is available 24/7 for… Presentations Client meetings E-signings MLS Searches

  26. Remerica United Realtors are invited to attend presentations by nationally-renowned speakers Walter Sanford Verl Workman

  27. Howard Brinton David Knox

  28. Darryl Davis Floyd Wickman

  29. “Working at Remerica United Realty, and all that Gary Reggishgives makes it feel like Christmasall year-round! Free businesscards, free signs, help with the transfer and the expense, free classes and parties! Gary is alwaysa wealth of knowledge and a helping hand when you need it!  To quote Namir George, "sound good"??? ~ Marlene Klimecki

  30. Our Cooperative Advertising Fund provides our agents with… • Educational Opportunities • Equipment • Tools to build their business

  31. Floor Time Our full-office agents have the opportunity to participate in floor time. Floor agents stand to gain new clients, listings and/or sales as a result of their floor time.

  32. Our agents participate in a group study based on Napoleon Hill’s world- renowned book

  33. 7 Levels of Communication With Mike Mahor

  34. Success Principles By Jack Canfield

  35. Manifesting Change With Mike Dooley

  36. Our agents reap the innumerable benefits of the David Knox training program, which include: Online training videos! LIVE seminars with David Knox! DVDs and CDs covering hundreds of topics relevant to your success!

  37. Agent Accountability Group Commences weekly to learn, offer support, exchange ideas & build business

  38. Get paid to help us grow our team! Remerica United offers a production sharing program that pays you when you bring other realtors to join our team!!

  39. Production Sharing Full Home ½ contract ½ contract ½ contract ½ contract $500 $500 $300 $300 = = $1,000 Every Year $600

  40. You Do the Math… 5 full-office agents pays you: $5,000 Or 5 Home office agents pays you $3,000 Every year!

  41. Production Sharing Triple Production - First Year FullHome Agent hits Agent hits Agent hits Agent hits ½ contract ½ contract ½ contract ½ contract $1,500 $1,500$900 $900 = = $3,000 $1,800

  42. You Do the Math… 5 full-office agents pays you: $15,000 Or 5 Home-office agents pays you $9,000 The first year!

  43. We Pick Up the Tab Agents are reimbursed for business cards, sign riders, custom signs and open house signs! WE PAY TRANSFER FEES! Joining our team costs you nothing

  44. Ok, we know what you’re thinking… Who has time to deal with the HASSLE of transferring offices?

  45. With There is NO HASSLE ! Our Program Gives you… An on-site office for one year at the home office rate!* CASH incentives for bringing another agent to the team FREE open house signs Three hours of FREE staff assistance to get yourself set up FREE for sale signs Bring your listings and we will broker-load them for FREE 1,000 FREE business cards *Offer available to the first 20 agents who sign a contract

  46. "I thought there was nothing easy about moving to a new real estate office until I met Gary Reggish. Gary made my transition from Re/Max to Remerica United so easy. I have never met a Broker who showed such a vested interest in helping an individual agent take their business to the next level. To top it off, this office provides industry guest speakers, free real estate training classes, outstanding office support staff, and capped franchise fees, allowing for a true 100% contract. Looking back, I could not have imagined an easier move to this great office and brokerage." ~ Jeff Duneske

  47. So… Could Joining the Remerica United Team be the missing piece to your Success?

  48. Meet the Group Remerica United RealtyGroup Photo