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Inviting to the Class

Inviting to the Class. Introduction. Class : Nine Unit : 08 Lesson : 01 Time : 50 mins . Date : 22/03/2014. Md . Chunnu Miah Assit . Librarian NAK High School 01918-036800 muhammedchunnu@yahoo.com Gouripur , Mymensingh . Warm Up . The Taj Mohal.

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Inviting to the Class

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  1. Inviting to the Class

  2. Introduction Class : Nine Unit : 08 Lesson : 01 Time : 50 mins. Date : 22/03/2014 Md. ChunnuMiah Assit. Librarian NAK High School 01918-036800 muhammedchunnu@yahoo.com Gouripur, Mymensingh.

  3. Warm Up The TajMohal

  4. The Great Wall of China

  5. The SangsadVaban

  6. BitulMukaraamMaque

  7. The World Heritage site The Shat Gambuj Mosque

  8. Learning Outcome By the end of the lesson- 1. read and understand texts through silent reading 2. Ask and answer questions. 3. Describe a place

  9. Key Words Saint Religious leader Architecture The process of building construction Terracotta baked earth

  10. Pair Work Look at the picture. Talk about the picture and ask and answer the following questions. 1. What is this building? 2. Do you have a building like this in your town? 3. What do we call it? 4. What is it for ?

  11. Individual Work Read the text and complete the chart. From the Text Book (Page-101)

  12. Chart Information Shat Gambuj Mosque Founded by Khan Jahan Ali When In mid 15th Century Number of domes 81 Number of pillars 60 Arches 11 Thickness of the arches 6 feet Mihrabs 11

  13. c. Look at the picture of the Star Mosque in Dhaka. Read the information and write a description on the star Mosque with help of the given clues The Star Masque

  14. Infromation of Star Mosque  Location : Dhaka, AbulKairat Road.  Style : Mughal  Number of domes : 5  Decoration : different sizes of stars on dome and outside wall  Materials used for decoration : chinaware and white cement  Interior of the mosque : mosaic, floor, floral, tiles on the wall  Built by : MirzaGhulamPir-a respectable Zamindar of Dhaka.  Time : early 18th Century

  15. Evaluation 1. What is Heritage? Ans. Which Inherit from past. 2. Who built the Shat Gambuj Masque ? Ans. Khan Jahan Ali. 3. When did UNESCO declare the Shat GambujMasque? Ans. In 1985. 4. In what purposes did Khan Jahan use it? Ans. (i) Prayer hall and (ii) Court

  16. Home Work Visit to a ancient evidence in your locality and write a paragraph about it in your own way.

  17. Thanks

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