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Inviting Neighbours To Dinner

Inviting Neighbours To Dinner. Oh, we love drama in our neighbourhood !!. Vocabulary. Occasion – a reason to celebrate e.g. birthday, Christmas, New Years Dress code – the theme of the party e.g. casual, formal

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Inviting Neighbours To Dinner

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  1. Inviting Neighbours To Dinner Oh, we love drama in our neighbourhood!!

  2. Vocabulary • Occasion – a reason to celebrate e.g. birthday, Christmas, New Years • Dress code – the theme of the party e.g. casual, formal • Invitation – a card that has your name on it asking you to go to a place or you could be verbally asked to go to a place to celebrate or attend a dinner • Gossip – talking bad about someone behind their back • Sourness – not being happy with somebody and showing them bad attitude when you see them.

  3. You ring your neighbour’s doorbell. Door opens: You: Hello, Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith: Hello, Mrs. ABC. Please come in. You: Thank you. Mrs. Smith: How are you? You: Good and what about yourself? Mrs. Smith: I could be better. You: Why what happened? Mrs. Smith: I don’t know. Since I have moved to Paris, I am feeling lonely. I miss my family in Boston. You: Yes, I know it can be difficult. But that’s what I am here for. Mrs. Smith: Oh really? What’s up?

  4. You: I have come to invite you to my house for dinner. • Mrs. Smith: Oh! That’s fantastic. What’s the occasion? • You: It is my son’s birthday and he is the same age as your son. That way you can meet some new people and your son and my son can bond. • Mrs. Smith: That’s so nice of you. When is the dinner? • You: It’s this coming Saturday. • Mrs. Smith: And may I ask how many people are you expecting? • You: There should be around 20 adults and 8 kids. • Mrs. Smith: Oh wow! That would be great. And what is the dress code? • You: You could wear a pair of jeans and a nice top or a casual dress, perhaps.

  5. Mrs. Smith: I just bought myself a dress from the mall a few days ago. I think I will wear my new dress • You: That’s brilliant. So I shall see you by say 6 o’clock? • Mrs. Smith: Thank you very much. My son and I will be there. Can I help with something? Perhaps some snacks or drinks? • You: If I need help, I will definitely let you know. • Mrs. Smith: Alright, I shall call you before coming over. If you need anything last minute, I will run and go get it. • You: Sounds perfect. • Mrs. Smith: Thanks for the invitation. See you soon. • You: Yes, see you soon. BYE

  6. Conversation • Do you like your neighbours? Why or why not? • Have you ever invited a neighbour over or have you ever been invited? • What was the occasion? • Do you like being friendly with your neighbours? • How do you try to mingle with them? • Have you ever gotten in trouble with your neighbour? For e.g. due to gossiping or maybe their dog bit you? How did you solve it? Did either of you move out because of the sourness? • If you are having a problem with your neighbour, how do you solve it? E.g. they put on loud music even after midnight and that disturbs your sleep? • Do you think it is a good idea to have a good relationship with your neighbour? E.g. in case of emergency or you prefer minding your own business.

  7. It’s PARTY TIME!!!!

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