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More Than Just Words

More Than Just Words. Art in the Language Arts Classroom “Character Collage”. Objective -.

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More Than Just Words

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  1. More Than Just Words Art in the Language Arts Classroom “Character Collage”

  2. Objective - In any literature class, there is always much discussion about the charactersas they appear, disappear and interact in each story. This multi-layered project provides the student will a means to create first the visual representation of a ‘character’, and then to use words to define their possibilities. . The student will create a collage which represents some type of character. . The student will complete a “Character Collage” worksheet. . The student will use the text from their worksheet as a basis to write a short biographical sketch – writing and art / visual and textual combined.

  3. Materials - 1 picture frame per student (5x7or smaller work best) Magazines and specialty papers. Consider also papers with interesting context , like maps, dictionaries and sheet-music. Fabric remnants Buttons, lace and trims Organics – pressed leaves, cones, twigs, shells, small stones Scissors Glue – both ‘white’ glue and hot glue “Character Collage” Worksheet Pencils Books, photos, slides or multi-media presentation of examples of collages.

  4. The Process: Show students a variety of collage and assemblage examples – both historical and contemporary. 2. Point out basic “composition” as you view the collage examples.

  5. 3. Provide each student with a picture frame on which they will layer their Character Collage

  6. 4. Allow students time to experiment with textures, composition, color arrangement. Keep them focused on the ‘character’ they are representing as they create.

  7. Creative minds are rarely tidy.

  8. Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.

  9. 5. 5.When the collages are finished, ask students to use the details from the Character Collage Worksheet as a guide for writing a biographical paragraph.

  10. 6. Students may “introduce” their character to the class as they read aloud their paragraph. The class should then set up a display of all the collages and biographies.

  11. The Final Product – Character Collages! I’m Leeya and I live in Tampa. Acting is my favorite thing to do. I enjoy watching reality shows and am afraid of the dark – I always keep a night light on. I’m Sherri. I like hanging out with friends and playing with animals. I want to learn how to ballroom dance, but I wish I didn’t know what a parasite can do to someone.

  12. There is not much to do in Wiwahithkay, and that’s the way I like it. I prefer to stay at home and read or crochet. I like to listen to classical music and watch birds. I still have a button from a dress my grandmother made for me when I was four years old. My name is Lily. I’m 35 years old. I love to garden and grow flowers. I love to spend time traveling … When I’m outside , I love to listen to classical music. I am terribly afraid of spiders.

  13. My mom names me Zack after my father, who ran of before I was born. All I know about him is that he was in the Navy. My mom gave me a starfish button for “good luck sailing” . I want to be a marine biologist as a way of finding my father. I’m Robert and I’m 30 years old. I like to take walks in the woods. I want to live in the boon-docks and watch CMT.

  14. I live in France. My name is Rachel and one thing I wish to do one day is to visit America. I wish I didn’t know how great America is; they have so many things that France doesn’t. I only have one thing from America – my grandmother’s blue button. My name is Noel and I love my grandchildren. I am basically the best grandmother that has ever stepped foot on earth!

  15. I’m Robert Odgers – 230 pounds of pure muscle. God don’t want no lazy, sissy men who sit inside and do nothing. He wants men to fight in his army. I love football and I hate my dog. I’m Rylee and I’m five years old. I love playing with my long blonde hair and cannot stand it when I have to be still. My mom gave me a red button that used to be hers when she was a little girl. It’s very special to me.

  16. I hate to sit around and o nothing and I am afraid of spiders. I wish I knew important facts about my ancestors and I wish I didn’t know math – it seems useless to me. I’m Bilbo McGunblemyer. I like to play drums and hunt with my two sons, Joe and Bilbo Jr. I’d like to know why God made wasps, and I wish cuss words would go away.

  17. My name is Henry. I love to do nature walks and play football. .. I like to listen to rain falling on the roof. As I sit in my apartment across from Central Park, I watch the trees change colors. I love the season when I can walk the streets with New York’s chilly breeze blowing through my black hair.

  18. Credit and SPECIAL THANKS to the Cornerstone Christian School 9th grade English class - 2010

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