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Good things  in Bauru PowerPoint Presentation
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Good things  in Bauru

Good things  in Bauru

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Good things  in Bauru

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  1. Goodthings in Bauru

  2. Park Victoria Regia is a well known tourist spots in Bauru

  3. The Bauru Shopping is a place frequently visited by young people , who use the cinema, food court among other features offered in the, educational establishment.

  4. The zoo is frequented by families, there you find several species of animals.It's a good tip for those seeking a quiet place.

  5. This is a perfect place for those who enjoy peace and nature.It is next to the Zoo

  6. The square of the cherry is a beautiful place, and is found near the city of Bauru

  7. Trade in Bauru, also called the Boardwalk Baptistplace much frequented by the population, is at the center of Bauru.

  8. Bauru Sandwich is a sandwich invented by Casimiro Pinto Neto, nicknamed "Bauru" in reference to his hometown and became known throughout Brazil.

  9. Improvements to the city of Bauru

  10. A hospital that most people use, however there are available time, and often medical to better care.

  11. Public transport is widely used, so it is always crowded, often without for all banks, not to mention the elderly, handicapped and pregnant women have no proper place, but there are some buses, but many do not respect.

  12. There are recycling stations in town, but very little is reported among the inhabitants, and not a selective collection of recycling.

  13. Holes! It is one of the major problems of the city.Live promising that solved the problem, but so far nothing has been done, and when they do something short-lived.The neglect of the city in this regard is troubling

  14. Unpleasant and an act of disrespect to society, still do not understand why they do it.But we hope soon to get this fixed.

  15. Dengue is a public health problem that is evident in Bauru, in many cases alarming. It is a problem that needs the collaboration of the whole population so that we can eradicate it.

  16. We believe that for a better city, we should have less pollution, more parks and green areas. Not forgetting that for a developed city prices collaboration.

  17. Direção: Giovanna Peral Ribeiro – nº12 Maria Julia Martielo – nº27 7ª Serie B