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Space Coast Credit Union PowerPoint Presentation
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Space Coast Credit Union

Space Coast Credit Union

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Space Coast Credit Union

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  1. Space Coast Credit Union

    By: Enrique Montero
  2. Brief History Space Coast has been serving members since 1951, it is the third largest credit union in Florida and serves over 360,000 members with assets of over $3.2 billion through a network of 63 branches and 145 ATMs. Space credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative. The members pool their money and use it to provide financial products to themselves and other members. Profits are returned to members in the form of lower interest rates on loans, higher returns on deposit accounts, lower fees, and more free services than typically provided by a bank.
  3. Location Space Coast is a regional Bank.
  4. Savings Account For savings accounts, space coast provides free Online Banking, Online Statements, and Bill Payer Dividends or interest earned based on the amount on deposit. Ability to set up an automatic transfer in Online Banking to help you save regularly No fees for savings account
  5. Checking accounts Free Online Banking, Online Statements, and Bill Payer Free Direct Deposit Available Automatic Overdraft Transfer Service from your savings account or credit card Free ATM Transactions at any of space coast credit union. There are over 140 locations
  6. Certificate of Deposits Available for business accounts Minimum amount of $500 daily Rates vary depending on how long you keep your money for. There are bonus rates for gold and platinum members. Gold get an extra 0.10% and platinum get an exta 0.15%
  7. Benefits The benefits of Space Coast Credit Union is that the money only circles around the members in the union there for the loan rates are much lower and the interest rates for savings accounts and CDs are much higher.
  8. Loans Auto loans: Low credit union rates, terms up to 75 months, up to 90-day deferred payment option, you can use your credit card scorecard rewards to reduce your loan amount
  9. Credit Cards The APR is 5.99% Does not charge annual fee The penalty is an amount of $30.00 The rewards for holding the card are you earn points redeemable merchandise & travel, vouchers and loan discounts No sneaky rate hikes, same low rate for Cash Advances, and Automatic Overdraft Transfer Source Falcon fraud security protection Zero liability for fraudulent transactions Identity theft assistance I think this credit card will work for me because it’s a small bank, my money is secured safely with higher interest rates in this credit union than in a national bank. There are no annual fees, no cash in advance fees, and no balance transfer fees.