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About me

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About me

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  1. About me Who am I By: Ari Thomas 9/4/14

  2. Becoming a chef • My dreams of growing older is for me to become a chef. • The reason on why I would like to become a chef is because I like to cook and bake. • I thought about becoming a chef when I was in 4th grade.

  3. Becoming a chef Cont. • What I will have to do in order for me to become a chef is that I will have to work hard in school and get a high school diploma. • Another thing I will have to do in order for it to happen is to probably go to college. • I probably will be an executive chef when I am older.

  4. Fishing • I went fishing this summer with my family in Acadia Maine. • I thought that it was fun to go fishing this summer. • I like fishing because it is great to fish.

  5. Cross Country / Track Teams • In the fall when school starts I run cross country. • I really like running because it is great to compete against other teams and students especially teams. • I run the track team in the spring season. • I also like to run the track team because it is great.

  6. Baking • I liked baking because it is really fun to bake products such as breads, cakes, pastries, and other stuff. • My most favorite thing to bake is cakes and breads. • I also have made brownies, cookies, and tortes which has a great taste.

  7. Basketball • I have liked basketball since I was a little kid. • I have played basketball at my town basketball court. • I have also took basketball lessons at the Waltham YMCA. • I think that basketball sounds fun to play.

  8. Cooking • I like cooking because I think it is great to learn about cooking. • I cook at home a lot with my family. • I have been to cooking classes before. • I also like learning about grilling and frying and other techniques that are used in cooking.

  9. Biking • On the weekends I go biking around my neighborhood. • I also bike in Maine during the summer. • I really have liked biking since I was in 4th grade.

  10. Kayaking • I also like kayaking in lakes and in New Hampshire. • I had a fun experience when I was Kayaking in the lake in New Hampshire. • I have kayaked with my friends before in 5th grade.