html5 game development has significantly passed n.
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What Makes HTML5 Game Development Unique? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Makes HTML5 Game Development Unique?

What Makes HTML5 Game Development Unique?

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What Makes HTML5 Game Development Unique?

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  1. HTML5 Game Development has significantly passed years in the arena of application development. Gradually it is becoming the most popular and suitable choice for web technology. It has become very effective among game developers because of the upward trend of HTML5 technology. Detailed research on this topic will show how and why it is becoming a favorite choice in the gaming industry. There are countless reasons behind the rapidly growing popularity of HTML5 game development. Let’s see what all makes HTML5 game development unique:

  2. Presently, HTML5 is supported by major operating systems and modern web browsers. This enables users to access HTML5 games seamlessly on a variety of devices regardless of its operating system. The programmers write the game only once with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3; and it can be accessed on various platforms without making major changes to the code. However, still, there’s a

  3. need to customize the games according to the screen size and input type of various devices. The single HTML5 code base makes it easier for developers to maintain and update the H5 games. Instantaneously they can make the new features available to each user by merely making changes to the game. Also, they don’t have to resubmit the app to various app stores to allow users to access the latest version of the game. Apart from this, the developers can easily take the game offline temporarily or permanently. Both 2D & 3D games can be developed with HTML5. Developers can easily build 2D games using audio, visuals, fluid animation, and other multimedia elements. Also, these games can be embedded seamlessly into the latest version of HTML5. At the same time, the programmers can take advantage of WebGL for creating a variety of 3D games. Being a robust JavaScript API, WebGL enables developers to render interactive 2D & 3D graphics accessible on compatible web browsers. Also, a programmer can combine WebGL with the canvas element of HTML5 in order to render high-quality graphics. Unlike Flash, in HTML5 there is no need for end users to download and install plug-ins or extensions. The HTML5 games can be accessed directly on any web browser which supports HTML5 specifications. Also, there is no need to download the game from any OS-specific app store and install it on the devices. Hence, HTML5 game development enables developers to create games which can deliver a quality user experience while overcoming device and OS fragmentation.