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APUSH Review

APUSH Review

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APUSH Review

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  1. APUSH Review Laws, Politics, Movers, & Shakers

  2. Amendments

  3. What does the 26th Amendment do? Give 18 year olds the vote.

  4. What Amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th

  5. What amendment abolished slavery? 13th

  6. What did the 14th amendment do? Citizenship for African-Americans

  7. What else does the 14th Amendment do? Privacy & due process rights for all Americans

  8. What did the 16th amendment do? Federal income tax

  9. What does the 5th Amendment do? Right to not incriminate yourself.

  10. The 6th, 7th, & 8th amendments all deal with your rights when you are… Arrested & tried for a crime

  11. Why have there been more supreme court decisions about the 1st amendment than any other amendment? Freedom of speech, religion, & assembly.

  12. What amendment allowed for the direct election of senators? 17th

  13. The 3rd & 4th amendments were created based on British abuses concerning the home. What were they? Quartering of Troops & unreasonable searches of homes.

  14. What civil rights era amendment failed to be ratified by being short 3 states? ERA.

  15. What Amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote? 26th.

  16. Political Parties

  17. Feared the tyranny of the elite. Federalist or Democratic Republican? Democratic Republicans

  18. Was split apart by the election of 1824 . Federalist or Democratic Republican? Democratic Republicans

  19. Founded by Alexander Hamilton Federalist or Democratic Republican? Federalist

  20. Pro- British foreign policy Federalist or Democratic Republican? Federalist

  21. Vision of the Future: Agrarian Democracy Federalist or Democratic Republican? Democratic Republicans

  22. What 3rd party was formed in the 1890’s to address the concerns of the farmers? Populist Party

  23. When the south stormed out of the Democratic convention in 1948, they chose Strom Thurmond to run as a… Dixiecrat

  24. In what election did John Bell represent the Constitutional Union party? Election of 1860.

  25. What party was created to oppose Andrew Jackson? Whigs

  26. Who was the first Republican president? Abraham Lincoln

  27. TR ran for a third term as president under the Progressive Party that was nicknamed the… Bull Moose Party

  28. The No Nothing or American Party was against what two groups? Immigrants & Catholics.

  29. The Democratic Party considers two presidents as their founders, and celebrates this at the _______ _______ dinner. Jefferson Jackson

  30. Elections

  31. 1796 What is the significance of this election? Peaceful transfer of power from one person to another.

  32. 1800 What is the significance of this election? Peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another.

  33. 1824 What is the significance of this election? Decided in House of Representatives.

  34. 1860 What is the significance of this election? Lincoln’s Election caused the south to secede from the union.

  35. 1876 What is the significance of this election? Disputed electoral results in 4 states resulting a committee making a deal where by the Republican Hayes became President & the army pulled out of the south.

  36. 1932 What is the significance of this election? FDR elected for 1st of 4 times: Democrats gain control of Presidency & Congress.

  37. 1968 What is the significance of this election? Assassination of Robert Kennedy & violence at the Democratic Convention in Chicago led to Nixon being elected.

  38. 1980 What is the significance of this election? Reagan’s election brings the start of the Conservative Revolution.

  39. Laws (laws that are passed are called Acts)

  40. What law late in the 1940’s limited the power of Labor Unions? Taft-Hartley Act

  41. What two laws in the Gilded Age limited the power of monopolies? Sherman & Clayton Anti-trust Acts

  42. After Garfield was assassinated by a disgruntled office seeker, Congress passed this law to create the civil service. Pendleton Act

  43. This law outlawed segregation & discrimination in public places? Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  44. Jefferson sought to avoid war by stopping all U.S. European trade? Embargo Act

  45. Several times in American history, Congress has passed laws limiting criticism of the government. This crime is called…. Sedition

  46. Another name for a law is Ordinance. What did the 2 Land Ordinances passed during the Articles of Confederation do? 1785: Survey & Sale of Public Land 1787: Method for a territory to become a State

  47. What colonial legislation by the British caused the colonists to organize their 1st boycott? When was this? Stamp Act, 1765

  48. What book caused the passage of the Meat Act & Pure Food & Drug Act? The Jungle

  49. Laws are also bills. What 20th century bill revived the middle class after it’s collapse during the Great Depression? G.I. Bill

  50. What method of transportation did the Interstate Commerce Act regulate? Railroads