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BB Media Marketing - 7 tips to increase traffic using social media PowerPoint Presentation
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BB Media Marketing - 7 tips to increase traffic using social media

BB Media Marketing - 7 tips to increase traffic using social media

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BB Media Marketing - 7 tips to increase traffic using social media

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  1. 7 Tips to Increase Traffic Using Social Media Social media is huge and growing. There are groups, fanpages, company pages and your own personal page that you can use to engage with your target audience. The following 7 tricks, tips and techniques have been proven to increase the amount of traffic you get from large social sites and more: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other social media sites are just a few of the popular sites and should be considered when producing material for publication. 1. Automate the Process Automated social media engagement is possible through free websites like Buffer (free and paid), HootSuite (free and paid) and IFTTT. They put your marketing on autopilot, and when you are consistently in the face of your audience, your traffic tends to improve. There are other paid software options that you can use to expand your reach that you may or may not find of benefit. Marketing for small business 2. Ask for the Share, Like, Retweet Give your followers a call to action. If someone enjoys some content you share on Facebook or Twitter, etc, they will be very receptive to sharing that content. Tell them exactly what to do, and you enjoy a greater possibility of improved traffic from Shares, Likes, Retweets,

  2. Repins, etc. This has been known to expand your reach to people you might not be able to reach otherwise. 3. Make Social Media Sharing Simple If you have a blog or website should provide a simple means of sharing your content. This means adding social media sharing buttons and plug-ins to all of your web properties, guaranteeing it is simple and quick for your readers to spread the word when they find a post of benefit or interest. 4. Fill out Your Profiles Completely This may seem like common sense. However, many online business owners and entrepreneurs have incomplete social media profiles. Wherever you have the chance, tell people about yourself and your business, providing plenty of links back to your website or blog. Look in the profile or other setting section of the social site to go into more detail of who, what, when, where, etc. People do look at it if they are interested. Take your business seriously. 5. Run a Contest or Giveaway King Sumo is one of many companies that will help you create and manage a successful giveaway or contest on social media websites. This single traffic driving strategy can result in significantly higher numbers of visitors to your site. Polls can sometimes help in a similar fashion. Social media marketing companies 6. Be Creative and Share Again the Same Message/Article/Other Content! Just because you share a blog post or new piece of content on Facebook doesn't mean you can't share it again later. Your prospects and followers on social media are not always logged in at the same time. This means that your content should be shared on all of the social media websites multiple times. Do it in such a way that it does not look exactly the same on your social media timeline. You can use a different picture, text only, and be sure to add other business related posts in between your duplicate posts. I have visited pages where the same post shows up 5 times in a row and it does not look good. Tends to make me think the poster is not creative and makes me not to want to do business with them. 7. Be Everywhere, and Be Consistent Sign up for all of the largest social media sites, and those most relevant to your niche or market. Be everywhere, instead of just concentrating on Facebook and Twitter. There are other sites that might get you more eyeballs to your content because there might not be as much competition for your market.