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Customer applications

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Customer applications
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Customer applications

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  1. Customer applications

  2. Bombardier Transportation Sweden Propulsions & Controls Manufacture of propulsion and controls systems for Bombardier final assembly factories around Europe. Customized PAZ and PKZ markers supplied in kits for quick an easy assembly. Partex is also supplying markers directly to Bombardier factories in Spain, India as well as sub contractors in USA.

  3. PESA in Bydgoszcz, Poland Products: rail-buses, trams, wagons Marking standard: PA+ markers printed on MK500 New project, 186 trams for Warsaw

  4. NEWAG in Nowy Sącz, Poland Products: rail-buses, trams, wagons Marking standard: PO markers printed in MK8-pro

  5. Banverket, Swedish Rail Administration, has overall responsibility for the rail transport system in Sweden. This sectoral responsibility covers not only conventional railways but also underground railways and light rail systems. Partex is supplying customized PKS stainless steel markers to all major infrastructure projects in Sweden.

  6. Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Equipment

  7. Wires, cables and component markers Individual wires are marked with PO and PA+ multi character customized printed markers from Partex and components clearly identified with PPA component markers printed in MK9. Power sockets Solenoid / sensor cables All solenoid and sensor cables are marked with Partex PK-20Q25 customized printed markers. The marker is easily and quick attached to the cable with a cable tie. For local production the PK-20Q25 can be printed with Partex plotter MK-500. Solenoids are clearly marked with PO-06 attached with cable ties. All photos by courtesy of Atlas Copco RDE, Örebro , Sweden Hydraulic and pneumatic hose markings Partex PO-06 customized markers attached to hydraulic hose by cable tie. For local production PO-06 can be printed in MK9. All hydraulic hoses supplied to Atlas Copco RDE in Örebro, Sweden from Hydroscand are marked with PO-06

  8. Power sockets Solenoid & sensor cables Electrical cabinet Pneumatic hoses

  9. Pneumatic tube marking PRZ markers for pneumatic tubes of Ø 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 mm in outer diameter PRZ markers has a very tight fit onto pneumatic tubes preventing dirt to enter behind and stopping growth of bacteria's. The etching ink withstanding all regular cleaning chemicals and washing intervals in the food and beverage industries. Electrical cabinet markings PA+02, PA+1 and PA+2 customized markers for Identification of wires in electrical cabinets. The customs printed PA+ markers reduces working time at assembly and later on reducing down times at trouble shooing and services as well is a safety issue. Preventing the wires to be wrongly attached to high voltage circuit etc. Partex has a world wide agreement with Tetra Pak and all their suppliers

  10. Hydraulic hose markings The HYDROSCAND Group was founded in 1969 in Stockholm and is today the largest supplier of hydraulic hoses and fittings in Scandinavia. Their customer service with specialized hose manufacturing and assembly serve a large group of international well know companies like Volvo Construction Equipment and Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Equipment. Their Örebro branch in the middle of Sweden is the centre for customising large quantities of hydraulic hoses and kits for the two large industrial companies. The hydraulic hoses are all clearly marked with Partex markers. The marker used is Partex PO-06 customised printed. Hydroscand send their information file by e-mail. To make the work easier and quicker at Hydroscand all markers are put on cable ties and on an adhesive tape in order of assembly sequence. Partex markers on hydraulic hoses and connectors. PO markers produced and sorted at Partex before shipment to Hydroscand.

  11. MARKING KIT FOR RAKEL Partex Products Factsabout Rakel PKZ for indoor cables PKS for outdoor cables PE Engraved labels for indoor use PE stainless steel for outdoor use Everything labelled and packed one-kit-per-site! RAKEL is a new common digital radio communication system for Sweden´s civil protection and rescue services. It’s based on an international standard, TETRA