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Dating Trans Women – Things to Keep in Mind PowerPoint Presentation
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Dating Trans Women – Things to Keep in Mind

Dating Trans Women – Things to Keep in Mind

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Dating Trans Women – Things to Keep in Mind

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  1. Dating Transsexual Women – Things to Keep in Mind • Dating transsexual women comes with a unique set of challenges that cisgender women do not have to deal with. The challenges include discrimination, harassment, fetishization and even homicide, which is highly condemnable. So if you are thinking of dating transsexual women in California and scrolling through different transsexual dating websites, then wait! Before you take a plunge into the dating scene with a transsexual woman, make sure to keep a few things in your mind to make your dating successful and comfortable for you as well as your trans partner.

  2. Keep Bedroom Talks for the Bedroom! • A trans woman goes through a lot of disrespect. They get objectified over their genital reconstruction surgery, which makes them feel humiliated and disgraced. Therefore, if you are dating a transsexual woman then make sure on your first date not to discuss anything about their surgery or genitals.

  3. Google Search to Find Answers to Your Queries • Serious and heavy discussions on the first date is a big no. Do not expect your trans woman to be your professor on gender studies! If you have any queries about the gender terms, or any other aspect of trans woman dating, make sure to Google it up. You can find a wide range of information and knowledge on dating. Be educated, be responsible.

  4. Do not Make Online Sex Videos Your Study Guide • The adult sex movies are unrealistic. So if you are thinking of watching online sex videos before dating a trans woman as your study guide then think again! Be realistic. Say No to Backhanded Compliments • Compliments like “You look just like a woman, Can’t believe that you are a man” or something similar can be rude and insulting. It will make your transsexual woman feel like she is engaged in a form of trickery, a disguise to pass as something she is not! Trans Women Do Not Transition to Date Straight Men! • It is a terrible myth that trans women transition to date straight men. Trans women do not change their sexual orientation after transitioning i.e. they are attracted to the same gender they were attracted to before transition. So whether it is men, women, both or none, they can date whoever they wish to!

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