simply genius decorating ideas for a small kitchen n.
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Simply genius decorating ideas for a small kitchen! PowerPoint Presentation
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Simply genius decorating ideas for a small kitchen!

Simply genius decorating ideas for a small kitchen!

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Simply genius decorating ideas for a small kitchen!

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  1. Simply Genius Decorating Ideas For A Small Kitchen!

  2. Everyone dreams of a bigger kitchen. But in reality, when it comes to kitchen, bigger is always not better. Small kitchens are efficient workplaces – especially if designed with careful attention to details. All you need are some genius design ideas to make efficient use of the available space. Here are a few small kitchen design ideas:

  3. Clutter Clutter in the kitchen is usually the result of not having enough storage space. On the other hand, adding more storage to a small kitchen is not a good idea. De-cluttering the available kitchenware and sorting things to keep only the essentials is the first step – toss anything that you haven’t used for a while.

  4. Counter space Next – target the counters. De-clutter the counter space and clear anything that is causing visual clutter. Use trick utilities – like a sink that has a cover and can be pulled to create a chopping board.

  5. Dark kitchens Usually, dark rooms look smaller – so decide the colourcarefully. Brighten up the walls and give a fresh coat of paint if necessary. Try different type of lighting – LED strip lights or accent lighting to illuminate your counter space. Add a mirror in the kitchen if need be.

  6. Here are a few other ideas Use wall mounted pot racks instead of special storage for the pots and pans. Cooking tool wall storage is a great way to save counter space. Use hideaway furniture – so that you can tuck it in when not in use. Additional shelving could help.

  7. Here are a few other ideas Use wall magnets to store knives and spice jars. Roll out kitchen cabinets and tables if not in use. Backless bar stools can be tucked away very easily as opposed to kitchen chairs. Drop down or wall mounted tables or cutting boards is a good idea.

  8. More ideas…… Put away all the small appliances that cause clutter on the counter top. Find spaces to add extra shelves for storage. Anything that goes on a shelf looks neat and does not look like clutter. A row of narrow shelves added to an island in the kitchen could be perfect for storing dishes and crockery. Look for additional spaces and corners and think of innovative ways to fill them.

  9. We hope this presentation has inspired you to decorate your small kitchen creatively! If you are looking for more interior design ideas, take a look at IDprop – the largest online network for interior designers.

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