morning set s night rises n.
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Morning set’s, night rises, PowerPoint Presentation
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Morning set’s, night rises,

Morning set’s, night rises,

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Morning set’s, night rises,

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  1. Morning set’s, night rises, I chose this picture because that’s what I see, when I see the sun setting and the night rising in the poem as I read it.

  2. I am afraid of the setting sun, When I seen this image of this sun set, I thought it was the image of a scary sun set in the end of that day.

  3. I am frightened that the apocalypse will seem like a long day, I chose this image because it shows the apocalypse, and I thought it was the image that relates to it because the destruction is in a distance and it could last all day.

  4. And a sleepless night of confusion, In this photo of the guy trying to sleep, is clearly confused. Because he is at the number 8252 and this photo tells me that the poems story being told is being confused and has difficulty doing simple things such as sleep.

  5. I imagine that in the day I will learn my unknown ails, The poem is telling me that this is a poem of someone who wants to go out and learn, and maybe it not exploring is the cause of its unknown ails. the plant in the picture shows a flower trying to find a purpose, and that is to learn to sprout and and produce a scent.

  6. In the night I will toss and turn, The picture of this night, shows a man with struggles and who constantly tosses and turns. The poem tells me that this is a story of a struggling person.

  7. Waiting for the screaming and madness to dissolve, This is a photo of a person in the need of all the madness and screaming to end. This poem tells me that the poem wants the same thing.

  8. Into the clock that stopped at midnight. I chose this photo because of the image of the clock relating to the poem, the poem is telling that a clock striking twelve is the start of a new day.

  9. But the sun has risen again, every morning. All I can deduce is that it will again, this image that I have chose for this part of the poem relates to the poem telling that the sun has risen and will continue to do so.

  10. That the dazed mocking birds will wake me up, and my neighbors The image of the birds in the trees tell the part of the poem, where the birds wake all who’s around them in the start of the day.

  11. And we’ll all be afraid to ask if it was just a dream. This is the image that tell me that this image is in the dreams and it is a sight that everyone wants to keep.