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Team: Chic’

Team: Chic’

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Team: Chic’

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  1. Team: Chic’ Lindsay Coleman, Courtney Gordon, Ashley Nelson

  2. Team Information Form Team Name: Chic’ Team Members: Lindsay Coleman Courtney Gordon Ashley Nelson Store Name: Simplistic Store Location: Our store location is Dallas, Texas, located in the Mockingbird Station area. We chose this area because it’s centered around SMU University, and a lot of our merchandise is targeted toward college students between the ages of 18-25 years old. Merchandise Being Sold The merchandise chosen for our store consists of: purses, jewelry, clothing, and shoes. We chose to select these items for our store because we want our store to have a simple but very chic style of items, not over-priced but still of good quality. Our main focus is the young college female consumer.

  3. Brand Image • As young women walk into Simplistic they should feel a sense of freedom as well as individuality within themselves. The brand’s trendy yet very unique clothing and accessories can give each individual a feeling of being able to express themselves boldly without trying to be scene. Simple and chic is the movement Simplistic aims to convey. With fashionable style and a keen sense of effortlessly put together garments, the simple yet quality products can give that young educated woman just what she needs to stand out without making a grand presence. The staff is full of energetic friendly young women ready to assist and bring out that individualistic side of each of their customers. Eager to develop a personal relationship with each customer and getting to know more about their personal style is key when customers enter Simplistic.

  4. Simplistic • Simplistic describes our merchandise: simple, effortlessly trendy, and unique one-of-kind accessories. Mockingbird Station is an exquisite trendy part of Dallas Texas near Southern Methodist University. Our target market is young college women (18-25) in college who are stylish but still on a tight budget. Simplistic can provide simple, fashionable jewelry, handbags, clothes and shoes to collegiate students or women at a price that they can afford.

  5. Mission Statement • “To provide quality accessories and clothing to trendy young women.”

  6. Objectives Establish community involvement in order to create a customer base within the first 2 months of the store opening: • Before the store opens establish a relationship with sororities and student housing about our brand by sending out flyers, and discuss future involvement. Letting the future customers know of the store opening and what all “Simplistic” has to offer. • During the first month the store will publicize ads on the SMU campus in Dallas area. Sponsoring sororities and women’s sports teams at SMU. • Host events for different organizations at the college, in hopes of getting the brand out to the students around campus as well as the Dallas community in which the store is located.

  7. Objectives Form a relationship with consumers through social media by December of 2012: • Start a mailing list, which will allow the store to interact with the new consumers. • Create an official informational website for the online store that will also connect consumers to the store location, new merchandise, and social networks that the store is a part of. • Designate an employee to operate the stores Facebook and Twitter accounts offering monthly offers that allow customers to get discounts through these social media outlets. • Create a Pinterest account within 3 months of the opening of the store, which will allow the business to get community involvement, merchandise, and styling tutorials with the merchandise in the store. •  Create a LinkedIn account within 6 months in order to connect with people within the industry, as well as providing an outlet for college students looking into internships.

  8. Objectives Double Customer base by January of 2014, by getting involved with other college campuses throughout the Dallas Metroplex areas: • Every 6 months Simplistic will add a campus to get more involved in to enhance the consumer relationship with the brand. • Starting January 2013 Simplistic will plan to branch out to the University of North Texas through their Merchandising program. (Merchandising Inc., Moda, and Method Seven magazine) • Continuing the brands legacy through partnership with sororities on the UNT campus. Eliminate any debts or shrinkage Simplistic may have prior to the opening of the store by August 2013: • Simplistic will seek to hire a team of inventory specialist • Simplistic will conduct an inventory count to review physical inventory, counting, and evaluating of stock in store. • Since every dollar value of stock on hand is important, financial reports will also be prepared. • Stock control can be managed this way more efficiently to rid the store of any old or excess stock.

  9. Objectives Open Simplistic locations in the next surrounding cities over, Austin and Houston Texas by the year of 2014: • Targeting their biggest colleges first: UT Austin, and the University of Houston. • Plan to locate Simplistic in the areas surrounding these campuses which are: Guadalupe Street located next to the UT Austin campus which is also known as, “the drag”, where shopping, dining, and entertainment for the University are experienced by the college students. • Before the first month of grand opening in 2014 Simplistic will begin to place advertisements within each of the newest college campuses to establish the brand within the college community.

  10. Target Customer Profile • Simplistic’s target market is female college students age 18-25 on a lower budget that still care about the way they dress. • The percentage of females in Dallas is 49.6%, which means that 589,589 females live in Dallas. Women from age 20-24 make up 8.9% of the Dallas population, which comes to 106,190. • College females who are full time students or only work part time do not have a lot of disposable income to shop for fashionable clothing or jewelry. Simplistic wants to provide these young women who have an eye for style and want to be trendy with clothing and accessories at a price they can afford. • Mockingbird Station is a trendy area that attracts college students looking to bring uniqueness to their wardrobe. Simplistic carries unique and trendy products that are exclusive to our store, making the college female’s shopping experience different from other places.

  11. Signage and Logo A.) Fitting Room- This sign will be used to direct customer’s on where the fitting rooms are located so the customers can try on merchandise and have privacy as well. B.) Conversational- “Live the Simplistic Life,” located above the cash wrap and will be used as the focal point of the store. C.) Exit- This sign will be used direct people towards the exit of the store in case of an emergency and everyday functional use. D.) Logo- Combines simplicity and nature, conveying how the store brand should be perceived, which is natural, effortless, and simple. The first logo is the main store logo while the second is a smaller version that will be seen on merchandise within the store.

  12. Signs and Logos A.) B.) C.) D.)

  13. Types Of Merchandise

  14. Floor Layout Key Cash wrap Round Racks 2-Way Racks 4-Way Racks Group of Shoe Stands Shoe Shelf Round Riser Jewelry Stand Round Tables Large Jewelry Tables Regular Jewelry Tables Mirrors

  15. Key A. Cash Wrap This is the style of cash wrap that will be in the store. It will have a natural wood finish on the sides and a rust metal finish on the countertop. This fits the store’s natural and simplistic theme. B. Round Rack These rust finish racks will feature sale items towards the back of the store. Having them towards the back will encourage customers to look at the other items available before reaching the sale items. The round racks will fit a substantial amount of merchandise without taking up much space. There will be three round racks in the store. The rust finish will match the cash wrap and continue the theme of the store. C. 2-Way Rack Rust finish 2-way racks will be placed towards the front of the store to push the new merchandise. Being towards the front of the store will insure that the store looks fresh and new. that the customers see the merchandise. There will be eight 2-way racks in the store. The rust finish will match the cash wrap and continue the theme of the store. D. 4-Way Rack These rust finish racks will display older merchandise and are placed toward the middle and back of the store since there is no new merchandise on them. The rust finish ties in with the rest of the racks and continues the theme of the store. There will be seven of these racks.

  16. Key E. Petrified Wood Display Tables These tables will display shoes in a section toward the back on the opposite side of the round racks. This section will be small like the sale section and will display a limited selection of shoes. F. Wood Crafted Shoe Shelf This shelf displays some of the shoes in the store. It will be located at the back of the store by the fitting rooms. G. Round Riser Jewelry Stand The bottom of this stand will contain purses and clutches. The top three layers display an assortment of jewelry and accessories. The tops of each layer will have a rust metal finish, matching the cash wrap. H. Round Table These tables are located toward the center of the store. They will display earrings and rings. There will be jewelry stands placed on top of these tables displaying the jewelry.

  17. Key Large Jewelry Tables These wooden tables continue the natural and simple theme of the store. An assortment of jewelry and accessories will be displayed on these four larger tables. These tables will be 3’x6’ J. Regular Jewelry Tables These tables are the same style as the large jewelry tables but in a smaller size of 4’x3’. These three tables will display rings and earrings. The natural wood on these tables continues the natural and simple theme of the store. Mirrors There will be three of these mirrors in the store around the merchandise. There will be one in each of the four dressing rooms as well. The branches on this mirror tie in with the earthy theme of the store.

  18. Lighting Key Office/Storage Rust Color Spotlights Rust Color Recessed Lighting Branch Chandeliers Fluorescent Fitting Rooms Restroom Entrance

  19. Key Rust Color Spotlights These spotlights will line the shelves along the wall in the store in order to draw focus to the products on the shelves. They will also hang over the jewelry and the shoes as well as the fitting rooms. The rust color will match the clothing racks. There will be twenty-eight sets of three along the edges of the store, fitting rooms, and in the center of the store. Rust Color Recessed Lighting These lights will be in an expanding square pattern throughout the store, starting in the center above the jewelry. The rust color will match the spotlights as well as the clothing racks. There will be 42 of these spread throughout the main floor in the store. These lights will be more aesthetically pleasing than fluorescent lighting but will still serve a functional purpose. Branch Chandeliers The branches on this fixture continue the earthy theme of the store and will match the mirrors’ framing. There will be two of these above the cash wrap in order to add decoration as well as function. Fluorescent Lights The smaller light will be in the bathroom while there will be two of the bigger lights in the fitting rooms and three in the office/storage room. The lights in the fitting rooms will have the rust color on the frame that the spotlights and recessed lighting have. These lights are less aesthetically pleasing, which is why they will be placed in low traffic areas.

  20. Wall Elevation: Accessories This wall elevation will be located on the left side of the store towards the front. It will be positioned in the view of the customer first walking into Simplistic drawing them further into the store. Accessories are an important part of the store making it imperative to have several options that are placed on tables and wall space. This will insure that shoppers see the merchandise in a variety of ways, suiting the different shopping habits of individuals. The wall is designed to be aesthetically pleasing with the use of organization, balance, and complimentary items. The wall set is 8’x8’ with 4’ sections ensuring that that the wall is user friendly, while still maximizing merchandise space available. This area will show scarfs, belts, and necklaces currently in style that flow well together. The items will give customers possibilities of items to add to their current wardrobe to update to the newest trend. The wall elevation contains cool colors focusing on eggplant purple, mint green and light gray transitioning the shopper from a summer to fall. Key: Graphic: Saying “Simply Accessories” Merchandise: Scarfs hung by peg wall hooks Merchandise: Folded scarfs placed on shelf Merchandise: Belts hung by peg wall hooks Prop: Mannequin displaying a mint green necklace Merchandise: Necklaces hung on pegs with door knob fronts Graphic: Image of two women wearing scarfs Merchandise: Scarfs hung by peg wall hooks Merchandise: Folded scarfs placed on shelf Merchandise: Belts hung by pegs with door knob fronts

  21. Wall Elevation Accessories G. A. E. B. H. F. I. C. D. J.

  22. Window 1 • 1. Hanging flowers in Poppy Red, Nectarine Orange, Monaco Blue, and Linen • 2. Seven stacked boxes- displays handbags • 3. Red handbag • 4. Mannequin 1 • 5. Blue dress • 6. Mannequin 2 • 7. Red dress • 8. Blue handbag • Window 2 • 1. Standing flowers in Poppy Red, Nectarine Orange, Monaco Blue, and Linen • 2. Mannequin 1 • 3. Linen colored dress • 4. Mannequin 2 • 5. Nectarine dress • 6. Nectarine clutch • 7. Two stacked suitcases • 8. Monaco blue necklace • 9. Linen handbag • 10. Two stacked suitcases • 11. Monaco blue necklace

  23. Window Display Rationale This window coincides with the most recent window we have created, both with color scheme, Spring flowers, and simple design. The colors that are displayed in the windows are Poppy Red, Nectarine, Monaco Blue, and Linen, which can all be found on our trend board. These colors and flowers will bring a colorful feeling to the store for Spring 2013. The simple design will ensure that the colors do not overwhelm the customers and stay true to the “simplistic” theme of the store.

  24. Window Display Alternatives Window #1 Window #2

  25. Trend Board

  26. Budget

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