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Lazy Lawn Care

Lazy Lawn Care

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Lazy Lawn Care

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  1. Lazy Lawn Care Bret Holmes ChristeeMun Jazmine Whiting

  2. Who is Lazy Lawn Landscaping? • Lazy Lawn Landscaping is a website where customers (both residential and commercial) can schedule an appointment from independent lawn care companies for flat rate or calculated using acreage. • Convenience of scheduling up to 24 hours before the appointment. • There is currently nothinglike it in the lawn care industry!

  3. Mission Statement At Lazy Lawns Landscaping, we take pride in providing only the best professionals in landscaping and lawn care. Our goal is to satisfy our customers requests for a beautiful lawn that will accentuate their home or business.

  4. What We Do

  5. Services • Landscaping • Lawn care • Leaf removal • Snow removal • Planting trees and flowers • Lawn mowing and edge trimming

  6. Revenue Model

  7. Porter’s Five Forces • Competitive Rivalry While there are currently no companies that serve as the middle-man between the landscapers and customers in the industry, competition still exists heavily in the form of substitutes.

  8. Porter’s Five Forces Bargaining Power of Suppliers The suppliers have little power over the company. Although the suppliers are one of the biggest sources of revenue for the company, they are locked in once they join for at least a year. The company makes the supplier sign a non-compete on the referrals it provides. This nullifies the problem of suppliers signing up and then cutting Lazy Lawn Landscaping out of the relationship.

  9. Porter’s Five Forces • Barging Power of Customers The customers have no bargaining power with the company. The company already offers an extremely competitive price on its services and backs them up with a guarantee. In the event the customer attempts to abuse the guarantee policy by continuously stating they were not satisfied with the service level, they will be blacklisted.

  10. Porter’s Five Forces Threat of New Entrants There is a high risk of new entrants, but this should be nullified by the low cost strategy that Lazy Lawn Landscaping employs. The new entrants would have very slim margins if they tried to offer a lower price and thus it is not desirable to do so.

  11. Porter’s Five Forces • Threat of Substitute The threat of substitute products is high. While there are no other companies that play the middle man with landscaping, there are plenty of companies that will mow your lawn. This is a problem, but we overcome this problem by turning our competition into our customers. We create value for them by helping them minimize downtime and marketing costs.

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