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Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Tips

To keep your lawn looking great is a hard task that's why we have created this PDF to give you the detailed information on lawn care & lawn mowing. Read the whole blog for a better understanding.

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Lawn Care & Lawn Mowing Tips

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  2. Mowing is just one of the effective ways by which you can promote the growth of the grass present in your lawn, and believe me that it would look great. Everyone thinks that getting a lush green lawn is very difficult to get, but it is not true. Mowing is the first step that a lawn owner considers when they think about lawn care. Mentioned below are some of the techniques which are followed by the professional contractor in order to complete their task.

  3. •        Set your mower high – The first things that the professional contractor from the Landscaping Companies in San Antonio will do is that they set the mower at the highest preferred setting. And the technique that they use here is to cut only one- third of the grass blade at every single time. The reason behind it is that the longer grass blades will support the growth of more roots and also a deeper root system.

  4. Mow a dry lawn – You will be surprised to know that the best time of the day to mow a lawn is either in the early morning or in the late a?ternoon. Because if you are about to mow at the peak time of the day, then it will stress both the lawn as well as the mower.

  5.  Vary the mowing pattern  If you observe the experts while mowing the land, then you will find that each time they mow, it goes in a different direction. Here, the most amazing fact is that, if you cut your lawn in the same pattern every time then your grass is more likely to learn the direction in which it is being cut, and then it starts to lean in the direction which you use to mow. Apart from all this, if you cut the lawn in a different direction, then it will stand up nice and tall.

  6. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn – While you mow just try to ensure that you leave the clippings on the lawn. You will be amazed to know that when grass clippings break down quickly and then return some beneficial nutrients to the soil.

  7. There are certain points which need to be kept in mind which mowing the lawn by your own. First of all, while using a machine to mow your lawn if you are using the push mower then makes sure that you push it in a forward direction. And it is also advisable to wear closed toe shoes, not any sandals or ?lip- ?lops while mowing. Moreover, if your mowing machine makes lots of noise, then you need to ensure that your pet and children are kept away from it.

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