kids plates your license to protect california s children n.
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Kids’ Plates Your License to Protect California’s Children PowerPoint Presentation
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Kids’ Plates Your License to Protect California’s Children

Kids’ Plates Your License to Protect California’s Children

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Kids’ Plates Your License to Protect California’s Children

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  1. Kids’ PlatesYour License to Protect California’s Children [date] Presented by [your group’s name here]

  2. What ARE Kids’ Plates? Kids’ Plates are the only DMV license plates that protect California’s children. The proceeds fund local child safety programs Kids’ Plates let you deliver your own unique message to the world. They’re the ONLY plates that feature the heart, hand, star and plus sign symbols

  3. How It Helps Kids Kids’ Plates funds local prevention programs to reduce: Unintentional Injury — Motor Vehicles, Bikes, Pedestrian, Drowning, Poisoning, Fire/Burns, Falls, Firearms and SIDS Child Abuse and Neglect And to support: Child Care Facility Licensing

  4. Where the Funds Go The Children’s Health and Safety Fund allocates Kids’ Plates funds in the following ways: 1/4 supports child abuse prevention 1/2 supports childcare licensing 1/4 supports injury prevention programs

  5. Why Should You Help? Every year in California: About 1,400 children suffer fatal injuries — and another 32,000 suffer injuries that require hospitalization About 106,000 cases of child abuse are substantiated by child protection agencies — and about 140 children die from child abuse Community Care Licensing supervises over 54,000 facilities and day care providers

  6. Benefits to OUR Community [list benefits or activities of your program] [continued benefits] [continued benefits] [continued benefits]

  7. Affordable and Easy The least expensive personalized plate, personalized Kids’ Plates cost $50, then $40 for annual renewals. Sequential Kids’ Plates cost $20, then $15 annually See if your chosen plate message is available by visiting Buy a plate via the website, AAA or DMV!

  8. Commonly Asked Questions Q: Can I change my current personalized plate to a Kids’ Plate? A: Yes, but the plate must use one of the four unique symbols — heart, hand, star or plus sign. The cost is the same as a new KP. Q: How long does it take to get a Kids’ Plate? A: Allow 8-12 weeks for DMV to process the order, then the DMV will notify you when the plate is ready for pick-up.

  9. So, come on and…

  10. Do your part to…

  11. Because we… Thank You!