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Skin Problems in teenagers

Skin Problems in teenagers. Skin problems can be a result of accidents or something causing an infection in the skin. .

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Skin Problems in teenagers

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  1. Skin Problems in teenagers Skin problems can be a result of accidents or something causing an infection in the skin.

  2. During adolescence, teenagers’ bodies are changing rapidly because of hormone levels, which may cause pimples or even severe cases of acne. Other teens may struggle from dry skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.

  3. Diet and lifestyle are also factors in skin problems. The first step in fighting off these afflictions is to determine what exactly is being dealt with. Here is a guide to common skin problems in teenagers.

  4. Oily Skin • Excessive oil production is a common skin problem in teenagers. While some naturally-produced oils help protect the skin from external factors, too much can lead to skin problems since oils can clog the pores. • The presence of oil on the face is not the only indicator of excessive amounts of the substance. Sometimes, the oil is locked in the pores because of the collection of dead skin cells on the facial surface, giving the skin a dry look and feel. • While excessive oil production is mostly an internal problem, diet can also be a cause. Other contributing factors include climate and pollution.

  5. Excessive Sweating • Teenagers also struggle with excessive perspiration. This problem can occur in different parts of the body. Too much sweating can be a catalyst for several other skin problems. Stress, as well as exposure to extreme heat, can be the root of this condition.

  6. Pimples • Almost 90 percent of teenagers experience pimples during their adolescence. Pimples occur when skin cells band together, causing a plug. Oil begins to increase under the plug. Pimple outbreaks may occur at any timeand often leave ugly, red scars behind.

  7. Acne • At least 75 percent of teenagers struggle with mild acne throughout their teen years. Acne may consist of several facial problems, including: zits, pimples, white heads, blackheads and red spots. Acne is triggered by extra oil and dead skin cells clogging pores, often happening during hormone changes.

  8. Eczema • Eczema affects both children and adults and is often triggered by dry skin. Teens may have itchy, red patches on their knees, elbows, hands and face.

  9. Psoriasis • Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that most often occurs in people 15 to 35 years old. Raised, thick, reddened patches are found all over the body, including the scalp, feet, hands and knees. Teens may experience an itching or burning sensation.

  10. Skin Injuries Skin can be damaged in lots of different ways. Sometimes the damage can break the skin and let infection get into the body. Some of the ways in which skin can be damaged: • Cuts and scrapes • Insect bites • Dirty needles can push bacteria deep inside the body • Blisters • Bruises • Burns

  11. Skin Infections • The skin is a barrier which stops infection from entering the body. However, the skin itself can become infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi or tiny parasites.

  12. Cause of infection Bacteria Fungi Viruses Parasite Some examples Boils, impetigo Ringworm, athlete’s foot Cold sore, wart, verucca scabies Cause & examples of skin infections

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