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Mid-Year Update Keith Perkins, CPA 318.213.0375 x106 keith@ascgllc

Mid-Year Update Keith Perkins, CPA 318.213.0375 x106 keith@ascgllc.com. UGM-Topics. Review Sage CRM and Mas90/200 Cloud computing discussion Efficiencies in Mas 90/200 Lessons from Sage Summit Services we provide. Review Sage CRM with Mas 90/200.

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Mid-Year Update Keith Perkins, CPA 318.213.0375 x106 keith@ascgllc

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  1. Mid-Year UpdateKeith Perkins, CPA318.213.0375 x106keith@ascgllc.com

  2. UGM-Topics • Review Sage CRM and Mas90/200 • Cloud computing discussion • Efficiencies in Mas 90/200 • Lessons from Sage Summit • Services we provide

  3. Review Sage CRM with Mas 90/200

  4. What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. However, we usually also carry vendors, constituents, colleagues, other contacts in our CRM packages. Do I need a CRM product? You are already doing CRM but you may be calling it something else other than CRM.

  5. CRM Continued • SageCRM for Sage MAS 90 provides seamless integration of critical data between SageCRM and Sage MAS 90 or 200 to deliver a seamless view of key customer information as part of the standard workflow for the front office user.

  6. CRM Continued • Key data integration points between SageCRM and Sage MAS 90 and 200 include: • Customer profile information (ship to/bill to address, email, phone, status, etc) • Key contact profile information • Item and pricing information • Quote and order information • Account history (orders, invoices, credit history)

  7. CRM Continued • Visibility into Account History • The ability to view Sage MAS 90 customer account history including orders, invoices, credit history, etc. • Leverages Sage MAS 90 v4.2 Business Insights Explorer which provides ability to navigate, sort, query and drill down • Back office data available to front office workers

  8. CRM Continued • Real-time Pricing and Inventory Availability • Manage the opportunity pipeline for both prospects and customers using the Sage MAS 90 and 200 Sales Order module to generate quotes and orders • Accurate pricing and visibility into inventory availability in real-time as the sales user is placing the quote or order for the customer

  9. CRM Continued • Seamless Prospect to Customer Processing • When an opportunity for a prospect closes, they officially become a customer in the SageCRM system and they are promoted to a customer at the same time that the quote is promoted to an order in the Sage MAS 90 or 200 system. • Eliminates dual data entry and streamlines the new customer process

  10. CRM Continued • Real-time Bi-directional Synchronization of Information • Whenever a change is made, the information is synchronized between the two systems in real time • The bi-directional synchronization is configurable at the system level

  11. CRM Continued • Sage CRM has mobile functionality • Sage CRM has social media functionality • Visibility throughout the organization as opposed to everyone using their own interpretation of a CRM.

  12. Integration Engine SageCRM Sage MAS 90 and 200 [Interactive Session] IIS Triggers Normal MAS 90 Data Mirrored CRM Data Sage MAS 90 or 200 Non-Interactive Session (ProvideX.Script) CRM Data Sync Flag Sync Flag MS SQL Server CRM BusinessObjects Data Flow TCP/IP Connection Application Logic

  13. Personal Workspace Contact Management Companies Persons Contact information Other details Sales Force Automation Opportunity Management Forecasting Team Management Marketing Automation Campaign Management ROI Analysis Customer Care Automation Customer Service Technical Support Case Management Knowledge Base Interaction Management Multi-channel communications Business Process Automation Workflow Alerts, notifications Reports / BI CRM = Customer Relationship Management

  14. Check out the YouTube demonstration: What is CRM?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLJtL2IK3tU&NR=1 Sage CRM a look at My CRM Area: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9QVSnQOH08

  15. Cloud Computing Discussion • What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is the running of applications over the internet via a web browser. Cloud computing can also include “hosting services” which are the running of software remotely on a computer outside of your network.

  16. Cloud computing, continued • You have 3 models to choose from: In-house software, hosted software, or cloud based software solutions. • 3 different pricing models: In-house software and hosted software are generally purchased out right; whereby, cloud software is essentially rented.

  17. Cloud Computing Continued • What are the benefits of each, a discussion? • Considerations: hardware & hardware support, software & software support, up-time and software response, cost comparisons & cost changes, accessibility, disaster recovery & backups, data ownership and migration, contract terminations and data exports or transfers.

  18. Cloud Computing Continued • Problems with Payroll processors example. • Online backups is a cloud service often used. • Why the big marketing push now to cloud? • Vendors such as network switch providers (Cisco) and band-width providers see this as the next big revenue stream.

  19. Cloud Computing Continued • Software trends-have all options available? • Traditional software companies are versioning their software to cover all of the markets whether in-house or cloud based. • Some companies will be more successful than others in this endeavor. Remember the companies that could not get on board with Windows from DOS and went out of business. • Poll: anyone using a Cloud based application now?

  20. Do more with less: Leverage Mas efficiencies • Use paperless office to save on printer wear/supplies. • Use AP ACH and PR DD with or without payroll paycards. • Use Custom Office to modify your input screens to work how you work.

  21. Efficiencies continued • Use saved Explorer Views for routine lookups. • Use saved GL journals, recurring journals, and AP repetitive invoices to save input time. • Use cycle counts to keep high turnover items accurate in Mas IM.

  22. Efficiencies continued • Use the auto reconciliation feature in Bank Rec to clear checks downloaded from bank. • Use the Federal/State e-filing in payroll to print forms and/or e-file. • Use Visual Integrator jobs to communicate Mas data with disparate systems. • Custom written programming also available. • Use the IM item product type “discontinued” and “inactive” boxes.

  23. Lessons from Sage Summit • Sage Summit is the annual Sage business partner and customer conference. • This year’s event was held in Washington, D.C. for the week of July 10th. • Presentations covered Sage products, techniques, and general interest topics. • Mas will have an SQL version out later in the year. It will be paired with a special edition of Abra PR SQL version.

  24. Lessons from Sage Summit continued • Mas 200 Extended Enterprise Suite is being rebranded. • Mas 200 EES is a special edition of Mas that is integrated with Sage CRM and Sage FAS. • What I learned at Summit was that during August we can still upgrade to Sage Mas EES and only pay $500 per Mas users for the CRM licenses! This is because everyone with EES when it is rebranded will be grandfathered in.

  25. Lessons from Sage Summit Continued • Sage offers the software product Knowledge Sync integrated with Mas. People have been using it to perform “continuous monitoring” routines as part of their continuing auditing of their databases. • Mas 90 will have a Cloud version around the end of the year. This may be a good option for a start-up. Then, when their processing becomes more intensive, they can move it in-house.

  26. Lessons from Sage Summit Continued • Trade show with Sage vendors: • Over 675 different integrators and service offerings. • Exhibits the scope of Sage products and the support ecosphere of the core products. • Trade Show Guide is here.

  27. Software We Provide • Core software products: • Mas 90 and Mas 200 and Mas200 SQL • Sage Abra HRMS &/or Payroll • Sage FAS Fixed Assets • Sage CRM

  28. Services We Provide Continued • Services we provide: Operational support and consulting Technical support and upgrades Integrations and workflow management Training and User Group Meetings Merchant Services (Credit Cards) Payroll Paycards

  29. Questions? User Group Meeting Suggestions?

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