confused about buying the right dental loupes n.
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Confused About Buying The Right Dental Loupes? PowerPoint Presentation
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Confused About Buying The Right Dental Loupes?

Confused About Buying The Right Dental Loupes?

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Confused About Buying The Right Dental Loupes?

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  1. Confused About Buying the Right Dental Loupes? The TTL dental loupes are considered the best choice for personal use. These loupes are designed by keeping an optimal declination angle that provides minimal forward head posture and LESS STRAIN ON THE NECK, enabling the dentists to work comfortably without compromising on their posture. MAIN ADVANTAGE OF TTL LOUPE that sets it apart from the rest is that the high quality Galilean binoculars installed in the loupe are placed extremely close to the eyes providing a wide field of vision as compared to similar magnification loupes. Each pair is designed according to the personal specifications of the dentist like the working distance, eyeglass prescription and interpupillary distance. The magnifications available are: 1. ) 2.5X– This is considered the best choice for carrying out the general dental treatment since it provides a good amount of magnification without decreasing the brightness or focal depth and allowing a wide field of vision. 2. ) 2.7X– It is developed to allow a generous field of vision, has a compact size so can be worn all day and additional viewing space is present above telescope making it possible to read the charts and consult with patients. 3. ) 3.2X– Due to its high magnification, it provides a more detailed, high resolution view so it is usually recommended for microsurgery.

  2. Prismatic (Or keplerian Loupes)- ADMETEC offers the latest prismatic TTL loupes having the magnification of 4x. The focal point of these loupes can be adjusted to accommodate different working lengths ranging from 350 to 500mm. It provides a highly detailed image with a good clarity and precise color rendition creating an exceptional product which is ideal for carrying out complex detailed surgeries. TTL dental loupes are available in a variety of frames – Classic frame (made of Titanium), Jazz frame (made of titanium) and Feelmorys frame (made of Plastic and Aluminium). Admetec (advanced medical technology) solutions is a leading brand that delivers high end quality medical equipments with special focus on dental surgery optical tools has come up with the TTL (through the lens) loupes. Haitech Medical Solutionsoffers you dental loupes according to your individual purpose and demands.