effectual ent treatment in india for nasal polyps n.
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Effectual ENT Treatment in India for Nasal Polyps PowerPoint Presentation
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Effectual ENT Treatment in India for Nasal Polyps

Effectual ENT Treatment in India for Nasal Polyps

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Effectual ENT Treatment in India for Nasal Polyps

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  1. Effectual ENT Treatment in India for Nasal Polyps Nasal Polyps are known to be the major cause of sinus pressure and pain. These grape shaped enlarged tissues are found in nasal or sinus passages. When the symptoms of nasal polyps show up it is the time that you must consult an ENT doctor. There are several hospitals providing effective ENT treatment in India for such ailments. If ignored, these nasal polyps may result in worse situations. What are Nasal Polyps? These are the painless, non-cancerous teardrops or grape-like growth on the lining of nasal passages or sinuses. Small nasal polyps dose not produce any symptoms. However, if the growth is larger or a group of nasal polyps are present, it may result in blockage of nasal passages, breathing problems, loss of sense of smell or frequent infections. Symptoms The main symptoms are irritation, itchiness around the eyes and inflammation. Double vision and obstructive sleep apnoea are also seen in some serious cases. Other signs of nasal polyps include: • A runny nose • Persistent stuffiness • Postnasal drip • Decreased or absent sense of smell • Loss of sense of taste • Facial pain or headache • Pain in upper teeth • A sense of pressure over forehead and face • Snoring • Frequent nosebleeds Causes As per the experts, the factors that lead to nasal polyps are uncertain. There are no certain reasons that can be defined as the major cause behind the nasal polyps. However, age and genetics are defined as the primary causes. Men over 40 years of age are more prone to develop polyps than are women or people in other age groups. Allergic conditions are also likely to develop polyps. However, it is not believed that allergies are the main cause of polyp growth since they occur in just as many people who do not have nasal allergies as in those who do. Other causes include sensitivity to drugs like aspirin, cystic fibrosis, and Churg-Strauss syndrome.

  2. Remedies Nasal Polyps can be cured by some traditional methods like sinus rinse or treating the polyps with diluted tea tree oil. Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammation properties and helps in shrinking the polyps and thus relieves the symptoms. Apart from this, medications like nasal drops and sprays can also be used. There are some serious cases when doctors opt for surgical procedures to remove the polyps. The quality of ENT treatments in India is world-class. There are several hospitals in India offering treatments for nasal polyps at very affordable prices. The services of these hospitals are not only limited to Indians. People from abroad can come down to our country and can leverage the benefits of cost-effectiveness along with the best quality of medical care. There are several companies offering packages of Medical Tourism in India to make the process easier. Tourists can select the package that suits them best and comes to India for their medical treatments.