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Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull PowerPoint Presentation
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Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull

Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull

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Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull

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  1. Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull Dr Nick Hutchinson Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Therapies Dr Jo Beckett and Dr Phil Simpson Lecturers in Clinical Psychology Department of Psychology Year 1: September 2013

  2. Plan • Brief introduction to Clinical Psychology and the integrated undergraduate/postgraduate training course at the University of Hull. • What to do next if you are interested in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hull.

  3. What is Clinical Psychology? • Core purpose: “to reduce psychological distress and to enhance and promote psychological wellbeing” (Division of Clinical Psychology 2001, p2).

  4. What is Clinical Psychology? • The role of a Clinical Psychologists involves: • working with people with a wide range of difficulties: mental health problems, child and family problems, adjustment to physical disease or disability, work with older adults and people with learning disabilities. • working with other professionals in health and social care settings such as hospitals, health centres, social services, community health services. • working with individuals, families, groups, organisations: therapy, consultation, supervision, research.

  5. Why Clinical Psychology? • Ever-evolving and diverse profession with opportunities to specialise. • Clearly defined career structure, employment largely in the National Health Service (NHS) and well paid. • Opportunity to make a difference.

  6. Why Hull? • Only integrated Clinical Psychology training programme in the UK. • Recognise the importance of starting professional training early.

  7. Integrated Training Programme • 3 final year specialist undergraduate clinical psychology modules that prepare potential applicants for the doctorate course. • Application and selection in undergraduate year 2 • Doctoral course: 3 year training programme involving academic study, supervised clinical practice and research with an NHS salary that leads to the award of Doctor of Clinical Psychology and eligibility to practice. • Application and selection at end of undergraduate year 3

  8. Interested? What you need to do next • Find out more about clinical psychology and start to consider whether it could be career for you. • Start to think about gaining some relevant experience. • Make sure your grades are high enough. • Get to know your personal tutor or someone in the psychology department so that they can write you a reference.

  9. Interested? Where to go for further information • Profession of Clinical Psychology: • British Psychological Society website • Division of Clinical Psychology website • Books: “What is clinical psychology” by John Hall and Susan Llewelyn (2006) or Clinical Psychology in Practice by Beinart, Kennedy, and Llewelyn (2009).

  10. Interested? Where to go for further information • Hull integrated clinical psychology course: • Clinical Psychology website • Information leaflet • Dr Jo Beckett, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology • Dr Phil Simpson, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology • Attend talks next year.