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ecological problems n.
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Ecological problems. PowerPoint Presentation
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Ecological problems.

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Ecological problems.
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Ecological problems.

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  1. Ecological problems.

  2. What is ecology? • The ecology is a science studying interaction of organisms among themselves and an environment.

  3. What ecological problems are known in the world today?

  4. Why do some species of animals and plants disappear from the Earth? AIR The disappearance of some species of animals and plants from the Earth is the result of the pollution of air, land and water. City and industrial waters, chemicals and fertilisers exhaust natural resources,endanger stocks of fish in the lakes, rivers and ponds. Moreover some animals were exterminated because of people’s greediness. The animals were hunted for the sake of fur or ivory, horns or tusks. water LAND

  5. Global warming Over the past two decades, the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere has gradually increased. Global warming is one of the climatic effects of polluted air.

  6. What caused the “greenhouse effect”? The “greenhouse effect” is caused by carbon dioxide, which prevents heat from escaping. Global warming or the “greenhouse effect” can cause melting of the polar ice caps, raising of the sea level, and flooding of the coastal areas of the world. There is every reason to fear that such a climatic change may take place.

  7. Radiation. Catastrophe on the Chernobyl nuclear power station – April 26, 1986. That catastrophe can be considered as the largest disaster of the 20 th century.

  8. Environmental organisations

  9. What can each of us do to protect the environment? • Everyone should make a contribution to environmental protection. We should protect our woods and rivers, protect our nature. Nature is a source of all goods in our life, and we should not only take, but also return.