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What to do & How to do it. iPad. iPad 1 Ipad 2 (Larger power plug; no Siri) iPad 3 (Check plug, retina screen & Siri) Mini (Like iPad 3, but smaller) Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi & 3 or 4 G Memory? 16, 32, 64 or now 128. iPad 4. Which iPad do you have?. Camera Side Switch Volumn Button

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  1. What to do & How to do it iPad

  2. iPad 1 • Ipad 2 (Larger power plug; no Siri) • iPad 3 (Check plug, retina screen & Siri) • Mini (Like iPad 3, but smaller) • Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi & 3 or 4 G • Memory? 16, 32, 64 or now 128. • iPad 4 Which iPad do you have?

  3. Camera • Side Switch • Volumn Button • Sleep/Wake • Microphone • Headphone • Micro-SIM try (only on some models) • Speaker • Dock connector (charger location) OUTSIDE PARTS

  4. Open • Click HOME button or • Click Sleep / Wake button • Slide arrow to turn on TURN ON

  5. Status bar • WiFi • 3G • 4G • Apps icons • Multi-Touch Display • Home Icons / Page HOME SCREEN

  6. Screen Protector: no longer recommended for the retina screen • DO NOT USE: window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, abrasives • Use a lint free cloth to remove oil from hands. Can be slightly moistened • Unplug and turn off iPad first USING & CLEANING THE SCREEN

  7. Use your adaptor-plug into power outlet • Can charge on computer….BUT • Not very strong if computer is working • If computer is in sleep mode, etc, it may actually drain the battery. • Conserve battery by turning off bluetooth, turning on airplane mode, etc. • If it gets too low and displays a low charged battery, you may need to plug in for 20 minutes before using. • It can be replaced ONLY at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. CHARGING THE BATTERY

  8. Power Adapter • Doc connector to USB Cable • Can be used to connect to USB port on a computer • Car Charger Adapter is available • Use Doc Connector with it • Other connectors or adapters are available for camera SIMM cards, VGA (Display) or HDMI cords Accessories

  9. Lock iPad • Unlock iPad: Home and sleep/wake button • Turn iPad Off: Hold Sleep/wake button for a few seconds (red arrow will appear) • Turn iPad on: Hold sleep / wake button • Auto-Lock time etc: • If you do not touch screen 1-2 minutes, it auto locks • Settings >General > Auto lock • Settings >General > Passcode Lock (Tap on or off) • Use iPad Smart Cover • Settings > General > iPad Cover Lock/Unlock (Tap on) SLEEP / WAKE BUTTON

  10. Home button • Double click home button • Multitasking bar • View recently used apps • In another app >Home > Flick left to right • Search • Home button • Flick left to right OR Pull down from ”almost” top • Type in app or other item to find • Brightness control • Audio playback controls • THE HOME SCREEN ITSELF CAN BE CHANGED AS YOU WILL SEE LATER. HOME

  11. Volume button (side of iPad) • Used to adjust volume for songs, other media, alerts, sound effects, etc. • Up or down • Set volume limit: Settings>Music>Volume Limit • Mute Sound: Hold down the volume Down Button VOLUME

  12. Can disable audio alerts and notifications—NOT music, podcasts, movies, TV shows. • Settings > General > Use Side Switch > Tap Lock Rotation • Use to lock screen rotation and prevent the display from switching between portrait and landscape SIDE SWITCH

  13. Used in some 4G and 3G models for cellular data • If not preinstalled, you may need to install or replace if you change cellular data carriers • Find little slot with pin hole for eject tool • No need to do anything with it under normal circumstances • Check with your carrier (AT&T or Verizon) if traveling internationally MICRO-SIM CARD TRAY

  14. You must have purchased an iPad for cellular connection—AT & T or Verizon • You must sign up for a cellular data plan • Choose a data plan • Track your data usage • Change or cancel plan at any time • No long term contract. • Pay for the month when you use it. • To set up or join: • Settings > Cellular Data > Tap Cellular Data Plan—follow directions • Settings > Cellular Data > On JOINING A CELLULAR DATA NETWORK


  16. Turns off the iPad radio transmitters • You MAY be able to turn on to • Send and receive email • Browse the Internet • Sync your contacts and calendars over the air • Stream YouTube videos • Purchase music and applications AIRPLANE MODE


  18. Tap to access • Note icons on bottom • Featured • Games • Top Charts • Categories • Purchased • Updates (you will update frequently—need password) • Explore via categories • Tap on one that appears interesting • Read summary info • READ REVIEWS AND RATING!!! • Find a 3-5 FREE ones you would like CloudWord, Angry Birds, • Install APPS STORE ASSIGNMENT

  19. Open: Tap • PRACTICE: Tap to open 5-6 appls • Return to Home Screen • View most recently used apps: Double click home screen • Force an App to CLOSE: hold icon until it starts to jiggle and a MINUS appears in the upper left corner of the app icon. (An X icon will delete the app) • Click on minus icon • Adjust music controls • Use Volume button on iPad • From any screen, swipe screen up from bottom and adjust. OPENING AND SWITCHNG APPS

  20. Portrait or Landscape • Lock Rotation • Using the Multi-Touch Screen • Swipe, Tap, Double Tap • Return to Home: • Home button • Pin 4-5 fingers together • Reveal Multitasking Bar: Swipe 4-5 fingers UP • Switch Apps: swipe left or right w/ 4-5 fingers • Turn Multitasking off: Settings > General > Multitasking Gestures > Off or On THE NITTY GRITTY OF THE IPAD

  21. Zoom in and Out: • Move two fingers in or out • Double tap to zoom in; repeat to zoom out • Maps: double tap to zoom in; single tap to zoom out • Adjust brightness • Double click home button or on the home screen, swipe up • Drag slider • Settings > General > Brightness and Wallpaper ADJUSTING YOUR SCREEN

  22. Touch and hold until it jiggles • Drag it where you want it to go. • To change screen, drag to navigation row or simply onto the next screen and the next etc. REARRANGE ICONS & ADD SCREENS

  23. OPEN NOTES • Tap—keyboard should appear (+) • Enter text: note to a friend telling what you have done. • If you touch a wrong key • Slide to the correct one • Delete • Capitals: beginning of sentence automatic; other caps tap on up arrow once or for continuous caps lock tap twice • Split Keyboard • Move keyboard • International Keyboard (Hold Globe for enabled languages) USING YOUR KEYBOARD

  24. Bluetooth must be turned on: Settings > General > Bluetooth • Make sure device is ready • Some need to be synched • Batteries if needed • Turn on • On screen keyboard will not work when wireless is turned on • Recommendation: turn bluetooth off when not in use to save battery power WIRELESS KEYBOARD

  25. ABC • 123 • Emoticons • Symbols • International letters and symbols (a, o, u, i, l, z, c, n, s, $--see if there are more) • Short cuts (!”’?) (end of sentence-double tap space bar for a period) KEYBOARD EXTRAS

  26. The following apps come with the iPad when purchased iPad apps

  27. SAFARI: The iPad default Internet browser SAFARI

  28. Access your email accounts • For next time, have an email account set up • Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc—easy to do MAIL

  29. iBooks- A bookshelf for ebooks, .pdf files, or news subscriptions • Can be stored on your iPad and/or in the clouds. iBooks

  30. Photos match with camera roll. • Photos puts pictures into albums • You can create slide shows and add music • Photos can be shared with various devices and people through iTunes Photos

  31. Talk with your friends in real time using FaceTime. • I see you: You see me! • Connect via email addresses or phones • Use Apple to Apple FaceTime

  32. Like a GPS or hover or flyover or view traffic… Maps

  33. Siri • Newstand • Messages • Calendars • Contacts • Reminders • Notes • Apps Store • iTunes Store • Music • Videos • Camera • Notes • Photo Booth • Clock • Games Center More….Apple.com

  34. Occurs automatically when you use • Mail • Safari • YouTube • Apps Store • iTunes store • Connects using WiFi, 3G, or 4G depending on which iPad you have • You need to choose the proper settings CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET

  35. To sign into the Internet (Wi-Fi) connection at MPTC • Home • Settings • WI-Fi • HUGuest • Wait for connection to Internet and “Proceed” • Varies with different WIFI setups Resources: • Safari • Faytess.com MPTC INTERNET at HUHS

  36. Turn on WiFi • Settings > WiFi > Turn ON • Join a WiFi Network • Settings > WiFi> Join WiFi Networks • Turn on WiFi • Settings > WiFi> WiFi ON • Join Wi-Fi Network • Settings >WiFi----Wait to detect networks----Join • Select Network: fees, passwords—locked. • See icon in upper left corner of screen. JOINING A WIFI NETWORK

  37. http://manuals.info.apple.com/en/ipad_user_guide.pdf • Open in Safari (Internet browser) • Add as a bookmark (Tap the “book” then tape the iPad User Guide bookmark • Add icon to the Home screen (Tap the forward arrow, then tap “Add to Home Screen” • Install the iBooks app and download the guide from the iBookstore • Apps store • Search and install “iBooks.” • Open iBooks and tape store. • Search for and select the guide—download. IPAD USER GUIDE

  38. CAMERA • VIDEO • FRONT / BACK CAMERA LENS • CLICK • TRY IT! • GALLERY (Can edit, drop, resize, send to other documents, but we will do this later.) CAMERA

  39. Add class to the calendar— • iPad class or Intro to the iPad • HUHS • Times • Notes = room # • Done • ADD at least 10 other items to the calendar (birthdays, holidays, etc) CALENDAR


  41. Could happen when you connect to a different (someone else’s) computer • Prevent auto syncing for all iPads in the • Mac > Preferences or Edit • PC > Preferences • Click devices <Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically. OR • Open iTunes, connect iPad, then press and hold • Mac: Control-Option • PC: Shift –control • Until iPad appears. • Can also be done in iTunes PREVENT AUTO SYNCING

  42. CUT, COPY, PASTE, SUGGEST—SPELLING, ALTERNATIVE WORD, OR DEFINE--SELECT, SELECT ALL, PASTE • Double Tap Word or Insertion Point • Drag handles or grab points • Auto Suggest: Settings >General > Keyboard EDITING TEXT

  43. Stores content—music, photos, contacts, calendars, and some documents • Pushed wirelessly to other devices and computers set up with the same iCloud account. • Includes: iTunes, apps and books, photos, documents, mail, contacts, calendars, backups, Find my Friends, iTunes Match • FIND MY IPAD • You need to set up an account. iCLOUD

  44. Add people in class to your contacts • First and Last name • Email address (more if desired) • Contact—MPTC • Picture (click on empty photo > take picture > Use or redo) • Done • Edit if necessary CONTACTS

  45. Apps Store • Enables a person to dictate text into a document then copy it to another program, such as Pages for editing. • Can dictate directly into Facebook, email, etc. DRAGON

  46. Input your home address to get a map • Swipe with fingers to move in closer or move farther away or change locations. • Flip corner of page on bottom right and go back and forth between Standard, Satellite, Terrain view • If you are in town, you might be able to get traffic. • Flip page again: DROP PIN. Tap red Person icon • It is not up to date in all locations. I followed the same truck down main street past Mineshaft the other day. MAPS


  48. Internet browser • Book Marks • Forward Arrow • Add bookmark, to reading list, o home screen • Mail link • Tweet • Print (Be careful—there may be more to a page than what it appears) • Can Copy and paste in another document. (My printer does NOT allow me to print a selection only. I must paste it in another document.) • GOOGLE • Tabs – • + to open new • X to close • Capture screen as a photo: Home + Sleep/Wake button SAFARI

  49. Hold on icon and drag over the top a one of a similar topic (Games) • Can create folders within folders • Click on folder name to rename it • Drag to different screens ORGANIZING FOLDERS

  50. Cannot physically connect to a printer • MUST have an Air Printer • In Safari or many other apps, tap the arrow that flares to the left or right (depending on app). • Tap Print • Select Printer—set options as desired • Tap print. PRINTING

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