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  2. Da mi basia mille, deinde centum, deinde mille altera, deinde secunda centum, deinde usque altera mille, deinde centum

  3. Dicebas quondam solus te nosse Catullum, Lesbia, nec prae me velle tenere Iouem. [...]Qui potis est, inquis? quod amantem iniuria talis cogit amare magis, sed bene velle minus.

  4. Nulla potest mulier se dicere amatam vere, quantum a me Lesbia amata mea est. Nulla fides ullo fuit umquam foedere tanta, quanta in amore tuo ex parte reperta mea est.

  5. You were with meI was with youEvery breath that we tookwe knew the love was trueBut now you’re saying you’re goneI’ll be all alonethe days, the nights so coldEvery minute passing I know I can’t let you goEverybody, everybody is still just looking for a higher loveEverybody is staying out late girl trying for to write aboveWithout your groove I’ll loseso baby don’t make me choose‘cause your body is telling me, telling me what to do A higher loveCan’t get enoughA higher loveCan’t get enoughNow I’m begging you pleaseplease talk to meIt can’t be that hard Let’s take it, take it from the startOpen your eyesand then realizeI was made for you, you for me And the part of my heart, yeah, starts to pleat A song about (A higher) Love

  6. Dutch love Song(translated) Cause she, she is the sun and the moon for me She is the best of both of us So mysterious and beautiful at the same time And she does something with me (original Zij from Marco Borsato) Everything is love Everything is love For someone like you For him, for her , for me (Alles is liefde van Blof)

  7. Fuoco nel fuoco sono gli occhi tuoi dentro ai miei ne basta poco ed ho già capito chi sei (Fuoco nel Fuoco_ E. Ramazzotti) Translation: Fire into fire are your eyes inside mine In very short time I have already understood who you are …ti ho detto di mirare L'AMORE SPACCA IL CUORE. Spara! Spara! Spara, Amore! (Spaccacuore_ S. Bersani) Translation:I told you to aim to my heart. LOVE HURTS HEART. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot again, my love! Italian love songs

  8. Poem about Love I'll love you forever Day by day Night by nightKiss by kissTouch by touchStep by stepI fall in loveA love so incomprehensibleSo vividSo uniqueSo wild, that not even the reign of God could controlA passion so deepA need so necessaryA want so strongThe universe would not handleI love you todayI’ll love you tomorrowI’ll love you forever

  9. What is love? Love is… • The strongest feeling • Happiness • Passion • Suffering • Forgetting the other things when you are together • Overcoming together all the difficulties • Giving each other second chances Love means… • That you feel closer to someone • That you can trust someone

  10. IS ANCIENT POETRY STILL LIVING TODAY? Yes it is. You can see that on nowadays poems and songs because most of them are about love and are inspired by poems from ancient Greek poets as Homer and Sappho, and other Latin poets like Catullus ,Horace and also Tibullus. And in 2500 years the meaning and describing of love (nearly) hasn’t changed and people are still fascinated by Love and also what the ancient poetry said about love.

  11. By Anna Cas Elisa Giuseppe Lirry Scato