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  1. KIND OF TEXT KINDS OF TEXT • Short Functional Text • Long Text • Short Functional Text • Long Text


  3. ANNOUNCEMENT • Announcement is a written statement intended to tell something to the people.

  4. ADVERTISEMENT • Advertising or advertizingispromote a product in a variety of social mediaso that people interested in buying.

  5. NOTICE • is a sheet of paper giving writter or printed information ussually put in a public place.

  6. GREETING CARDS • Greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment.

  7. LETTER A letter is a written message containing information from one party to another.

  8. INVITATION CARDS • The invitation card is a written paper or electronic image that is sent to people for different occasions. • The message informs a receiver about an event to which he is invited.

  9. SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE • Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, web or mobile communication systems.

  10. MANUAL May mean instruction, user guide, owner’s manual, instruction manual.

  11. NUTRITION FACT • The nutrition facts label (also known as the nutrition information panel, and various other slight variations) is a label required on most packaged food in many countries

  12. LABEL A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article, on which is printed a legend, Information concerning the product, addresses, etc.


  14. NARRATIVE TEXT The generic sctucture of a narrative text: 1. Orientation (what, who, where, when) 2. Complication (problems) 3. Resolution (problem solving) 4. Mental/Moral value


  16. RECOUNT TEXT • 1. Recount text • Is retells events or experiences in the past. • 2. Purpose : to tell the reader about the last event or experience. • 3. Generic structure : • Orientation (who, what, where, when) • Sequences of events • Reorientation

  17. MY BUSY HOLIDAY Recount Text • By: Rise AdityaAnggraeni • On April 16th, 2010, I thought this would be a great holiday for me because that was the holy day for Hindhu people . I was so tired about the study, so I guessed this time I could get full refresh anyway. However, the fact said the other way. • First like an ordinary daughter, I had to get up early morning helping my mother, of course after I prayed. Then I did my chores, cleaned up my room, and spread out my bed under the sun ray. I was really in danger if my mom knew that my room was messy. • So, I made it as soon as possible. Second, my aunts called me in the afternoon. I did not meet them for a long time, that was the way I kept for hours to talk with them. After that, unpredictable my neighbor visited me. She asked my help finishing her homework. At last, the time was running and I just remembered that I had a lot of homework. I got mad, confused and regretful why I did not check my homework before. Therefore, I did my homework until 2:00 a.m. the next morning. • I did not feel this was holiday instead of I had to work hard and got a long ship with my homework.

  18. PROCEDURAL TEXT Procedure text is a text to describe how to make or doing something. Purpose : to tell the reader how to do something in order. Generic structure : Goal Materials Steps

  19. DESCRIPTIVE TEXT Adescriptive text is a text which lists the Characteristics of something. Purpose :to describe someone/something specifically. Generic structure : Identification Description

  20. SphynxCats My Sphynx cat is the only pet I have. He has a little hair but is not totally hairless as he has a peach fuzz over much of his body. His coat is often a warm chamois. My Sphynx has a normal cat proportion. I like his tail although my mom say that it is like a rats tail. I love his usual color varieties including, tortoiseshell, chocolate, black, blue, lilac, chocolate etc. He is really an amazing cat. Believe it or not, he is very intelligent cat. He can respond my voice commands. He is really funny as well as my friends get a joke. I love him so much as I love my mother.

  21. REPORT TEXT Report Text is a text which present information about something, as it is a result of systematic observation and analyses. Purpose : to tell or describe something in general Generic structure : • General identification • Description

  22. Report Text : Thanksgiving Day • Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of harvest, thankfulness for peace, and the attempt of Native Americans. It is usually celebrated in late autumn. • In the past, Thanksgiving was celebrated for their rich harvest in New England. In North America, however, it was originally held to thank God for their survival in the new land which was not easy for them. However, in Canada, it had been celebrated as in New England. Thanksgiving now is celebrated in United States of America and in Canada. Thanksgiving festivals are held every fourth Thursday of November in the U.S and on the second Monday of October in Canada. It is usually celebrated in four to five days in the North America and for three days in Canada. • It is celebrated through families and friends gathering to eat and give good luck. Turkey is the main dish in the thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving parades are also usually held. In Thanksgiving homes are decorated with wreaths, fresh and dried flowers. Lamps are lighted to brighten the environment. Tables are decorated with best china and antique silver dishes to mark the occasion.